About Us


About us

We support the MedTech innovators who are changing the face of healthcare.

We know you can’t transform healthcare, deploy killer technology or build an exceptional company by yourself – it takes a great team, industry expertise and usually a lot of money.

Our job is to surround you with everything you need: from product design and development to clinical trial, IP, commercialisation strategy and finance experts, so that you can concentrate on smashing it out of the park.

Everything we do is industry-led

We’re about real markets, real needs, real healthcare and real experts. We surround you with people and tools that are about doing things that really matter, not just thinking about things or doing the wrong things. It’s that real-world focus that can give you the edge.

We have a deep MedTech focus

We’re about deep tech – about commercialising those genuinely new, hard-to-come-up-with, scientific discoveries that can change the face of healthcare. Slick apps and user interfaces are nice, but our focus is more on radical new technologies like bionics, devices, implants, instrumentation and AI that will create a step-change in our health systems and in our economies.

We are all about collaborating with others in the value network

We aren’t about duplicating or eating other people’s lunch – when we see something awesome our first response is to partner, not compete. We’re about value – for innovators, for healthcare, for Australia – not about egos.


What guides us

Meet the Team

  • Dr. Buzz PalmerCEO

  • Vishaal KishoreCSO & Deputy CEO

  • Dr Michelle CarrHead of Strategic Operations & Advisory

  • Remco MarcelisCFO

  • Derek Van DykNSW State Manager

  • Kaushalya GunatilakaHead of Strategic Business Development

  • Johnny MangHead of Ventures & Investment

  • Michelle KleynhansHead of Programs

  • Joelle HawaMTGT Program Manager

  • Jamal ElsheikhBusiness Analyst

  • Laura MartinOffice Manager

Meet our Fantastic Board

  • Frank Jaskulke

  • Rebecca Davies AO

  • Pradeep Philip

  • Michelle Gallaher

  • Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AC


Mentors & Expertise

  • Gerald MarionErnst & Young

  • Emma PressMedtronic ANZ

  • Garry DowMedtronic ANZ

  • Kylie TebbuttMedtronic ANZ

  • Kevin FalzonMedtronic ANZ

  • Pooja SabherwalMedtronic

  • Pal SinghDepartment of Defence

  • Sue MacLemanMTPConnect

  • Karl PoetterGenera Biosystems

  • Phil MarzellaKoalamoon

  • Charles RendigsZinc Energy

  • Rachel YangGiant Leap Fund @ Impact Investment Group

  • Erol HarveyMiniFAB

  • Ann DamienCook Medical

  • Christine CussenOrius Pty Ltd

  • Michelle GallaherThe Social Science

  • Mariella SalitaBeckton Dickinson

  • Greg RogersVestech

  • Nikk HughesInspire Tribe

  • Simon BuchwaldAmatek Design

  • Anna Bellamy-McIntyreErnst & Young

  • Brenda LeeErnst & Young

  • Xavier BaertErnst & Young

  • Claudy SpencerErnst & Young

  • Jason ReevesEntech Electronics

  • Nairy BaghdikianCogentum

  • Claire TomlinsonErnst & Young

  • Alex ColloTiller Design

  • Stephen LeaheyEXA Product Development

  • Tom AdamsEntech Electronics

  • Yaser DarbanEntech Electronics

  • Cleedon BothaErnst & Young

  • Gareth EvansErnst & Young

  • Roger KnightMiniFAB

  • Jason HayesMiniFAB

  • Derek CarollTruly Deeply

  • Robert TillerTiller Design

  • Mark JohnsonOuterspace Design

  • Anabela CorreiaInnermaven

  • Andrew CrawfordTricycle Developments

  • Aaron MaherProcept

  • Luke MartinTricycle Developments

  • Grant BennettBrandwood Biomedical

  • Suzanne WilliamsMobius Medical

  • Matt GoddenAustralian Healthcare Solutions

  • James JohnPlanet Innovation

  • Paul CarboonHydrix

  • Richard StephensHydrix

  • Tom StampBlue Curve

  • Rod WiebengaD+I



Our partners enjoy preferential access to Australia’s revolutionary Medtech ideas and entrepreneurs. Our programs are highly competitive and have a diligence process backed by investors, vetted by experienced product developers, and signed off by commercialisation experts. We help organisations to advance innovations and transform ecosystems… it’s a no brainer!