Defined Funding Pathway

A funding pathway up to $3.8M over 15 months with three milestone momentum capital rounds. How?

1. Seed: up to $200,000 seed investment (min $10k) so you can get stuck into things
2. Angel: raise $250k in angel funds and we will match the investment with $250k.
3. Series A: raise $1M in venture capital funding and we will match the investment with $1M.
4. R&D Tax: Australia has an R&D tax incentive scheme that provides $0.45 on every dollar you spend. These contributions total $1.18M through this model.

This type of accelerated funding pathway is unique in Australia – see graph below:

Round The Actuator Fund Matching Investment Funds (Angel/VC) R&D Tax Contribution Total
Seed (month 1) $200,000 (min $10k) $86,000 $286,000
Angel (month 6) $250,000 $250,000 $172,000 $672,000
Series A (month 12-15) $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $860,000 $2,860,000
TOTAL $1,450,000 $1,250,000 $1,118,000 $3,818,000

Rapid Product Development

• One of the ways we accelerate the development timeline is to collaborate closely with product development companies. They have the systems and capability in place with the deep specialist expertise to move quickly towards your clinic prototype. We’ll put you in front of Australia’s world-class product development companies for you to choose your preferred partner.

Hands-On Mentoring

• Every team is surrounded by mentors, business coaches and expert suppliers with a demonstrated track record in MedTech. With scheduled and on-demand support, your startup will have extensive opportunity to extract value from in-demand and influential experts, forming long-lasting relationships.

Integrated Community

• It takes a village – and we have some amazing villagers in our network. The Actuator program will meet you where you are at, and this integrated community can add value and bridge gaps in a very tailored and specific way. Whether you need access to investors, want to get an early feel for acquirer interest, or need a killer user-focused design, our integrated community will get you there.

Global Networks

• At the end of the program, we will coordinate an international Investor Road Show, with stops in North America, Europe and/or Asia. We will set up meetings for you with tailored and relevant corporates, corporate venturing, venture capital, angel investors, or potential collaborators.