Funding a new generation of Victorian hospital-based medtech entrepreneurs


7 Victorian hospitals (including regional) can now participate in a proven national medical technology accelerator. Opens the door for healthcare professionals to become medtech entrepreneurs. Provides a new angel investment platform for healthcare professionals to invest and provide professional clinical advice. Offers participating hospitals and patients access to new innovative medical technologies


Melbourne, Australia; 3 October 2018: The Actuator, Australia’s national medtech accelerator, is pleased to announce it has secured a $950,000 grant from Launch Vic, via the Health Startup Sector funding round announced yesterday afternoon.

The fund opens up a new customised program of support, knowledge and mentorship for hospital-based medical technology entrepreneurs keen to develop new medical technologies.

“Doctors, allied health providers and nurses typically know exactly where the gaps are in patient care and often have an idea of what it would take to solve the problem,’ said Dr Buzz Palmer, CEO of the Actuator.

‘Unfortunately clinicians rarely have the support, funding, time nor know-how to develop new medical technologies because this is not their day-job, not what they have been trained to do, or the core focus of a hospital. With this grant, all that’s about to change, he said’

The grant will be applied to supporting a new program, designed by the Actuator that is industry led, helping healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses and allied health professionals accelerate clever clinical technologies through research and development, to becoming investor ready.

A second program that will be funded under the same grant, is the launch of a new clinician investor platform that offer clinicians the opportunity to invest in emerging technologies in development as well as apply their expertise in supporting other medtech entrepreneurs access clinical settings such as hospitals, patient populations and market intelligence.



The Actuator is a deeply collaborative national program that gives promising early-stage medical technology companies an accelerated pathway to $2.7 million of funding, capitalising on Australia’s strengths in medical research, healthcare, clinical trials and advanced manufacturing.

The Actuator is made possible through collaboration across our ecosystem partners who have come together to create Australia’s economic and healthcare future.

Our special thanks go to our partners and sponsors: MTPConnect, the Federal Government, STC Australia, the Victorian State Government, Artesian, EY, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Cook Medical, Baker, Burnet Institute, Macquarie University, Swinburne University, The University of Melbourne, K&L Gates, MTAA, Vestech, MiniFAB, Planet Innovation, Procept, Hydrix, Design+Industry, Entech Electronics, Invetech, EXA PD, Tiller Design, Outerspace Design, Cobalt Niche, Amatek Design, Tricycle Developments, IDE Group, Ingenuity Electronics, Blue Curve, The Social Science, Brandwood Biomedical, Truly Deeply, Clarivate Analytics Innermaven, Dialectica Group, Melbourne Angels, Mobius Medical, Foundersuite, Australian Healthcare Solutions, Melbourne Angels, F2F Communications, BioMelbourne Network, Cogentum, GrantGuru, and Jarred Roache Design.


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