1. Global telehealth platform delivers convenience, impact, and value.

    Photo of person laughing, sitting on couch with laptop.

    Neev Tech Labs Pty Ltd created telehealth platform, Connect2MyDoctor to complement how people access and experience healthcare worldwide. The platform makes it possible for patients to access secure, private online video consultations with top specialists around the world from anywhere, at any time.

  2. Lenexa Medical secures $650,000 Accelerating Commercialisation grant

    Photo of Lenexa Medical team.

    Lenexa Medical, a Melbourne-based technology company, is pleased to announce it has been a successful recipient of a $650,000 Accelerating Commercialisation grant.

  3. New customised brain-computer interface for stroke recovery.

    Street art of hands with palms faced upwards.

    RehabSwift Pty Ltd is developing a customised brain-computer interface that fast-tracks hand movement recovery after stroke, a leading cause of long-term disability worldwide.

  4. Novel microscope slide enables diagnosis of cells and tissues.

    Novel microscope slide that enables diagnosis of cells and tissues.

    NanoMslide has developed a novel microscope slide that enables any optical microscope to be used for instant, label-free, stain-free diagnosis of cancer in cells and tissues. The company recently gained support to establish a pilot production plant in Australia from the Australian National Fabrication Facility and La Trobe University.

  5. Measuring stress to manage stress.

    Photo of street art on building wall that says "How are you, really?"

    Philia Labs Pty Ltd is developing sensor technology that tracks acute and chronic stress. This will give individuals valuable insights to help manage stress, enjoy good mental health and achieve their potential in life.

  6. Helping premature babies breathe.

    Photo of Ventora Medical team.

    The breathing support that clinicians give to babies born prematurely plays a critical role in their survival, length of stay in neonatal intensive care and long-term health. Melbourne-based startup, Ventora Medical is developing a device that will help clinicians to administer this vital breathing support with greater precision.

  7. New syringe to help prevent medication errors.

    Australian company Jay-Nik Pty Ltd has developed a proprietary ‘Drop & Lock™’ syringe that reduces the risk of labelling errors, medication mix-ups, and drug theft and abuse.

  8. MedTech innovation enables personalised pressure injury prevention.

    Photo of elderly lady laughing; Lenexa Medical logo.

    Despite being mostly preventable, pressure injury is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, whilst costing healthcare systems tens of billions of dollars annually. Lenexa Medical are developing a medical device that will enable personalised and targeted pressure injury prevention.

  9. Making data collection easy and affordable for clinicians and researchers.

    Photo of a doctor wearing a stethoscope, using an iPad.

    With Data Dissect, clinicians and health researchers are now able to gather detailed information specific to any health condition in a fraction of the time and resources, when compared to the current data collection processes.

  10. Reinventing personal protective equipment for emerging infections.

    Photo of Alasdair and Chih Wei from Soterius

    With the air that we breathe under increasing threat from airborne pathogens, bushfires and pollution, Soterius is developing a facemask that stops viruses and filters out pollutants in the air.

  11. Innovating rehabilitation using intelligent robotics.

    Photo of Tech Gym robotic arm with founder Rowan Smith.

    Inspired by helping his 94-year-old grandmother recover from a stroke, Rowan Smith wanted to improve the process. He went on to create Tech Gym, a robotic arm that helps stroke patients to carry out exercises with only minimal supervision.

  12. STI test as easy and affordable as home pregnancy test.

    Photo of Radetec STI test kit

    When it comes to timely diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, people around the world face common barriers including fear of stigma, prohibitive costs and access to medical services. The Accelerator startup Radetec are developing an affordable, portable and easy to use test kit that gives individuals a diagnosis in under 10 minutes of multiple STIs, all from the privacy of their own home.

  13. The next evolution of wearable tech for personalised health.

    New wearable technology is under development to help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes – the world’s fastest growing chronic condition. The device, created by Australian startup Nutromics, operates at the intersection of medical grade sensor technology, data science and healthcare.

  14. Brighter and healthier futures for children

    Photo of Navi's Dr Christiane Theda caring for newborn baby at the Royal Women's Hospital.

    Navi Medical Technologies is making it easier for clinical staff to deliver lifesaving drugs and nutrients to critically ill premature newborns.

  15. Alleviating pain from injections.

    Photo of doctor vaccinating little girl

    As a Clinical Nurse Specialist, NeedleCalm Pty Ltd Director, Lauren Barber, saw first-hand the pain and anxiety experienced by patients undergoing needle-related procedures. After witnessing many patients with a fear of needles, particularly children, Lauren forged the idea for a medical device technology to help alleviate this pain and ultimately improve compliance with needle-related procedures.

  16. Trailblazing entrepreneurs on track to commercial success and healthcare impact.

    Photo of Injectra team - MedTech's Got Talent Challenge Medtronic Award and People's Choice Award

    Last night, the very best of our nation’s innovation ecosystem helped promising entrepreneurs strike out towards commercial success and healthcare impact at the MedTech’s Got Talent Challenge Gala Finals.

  17. A new painless, blood-free way for diabetics to monitor blood glucose levels.

    Photo of Biofi team, MedTech's Got Talent Challenge India 2019

    After witnessing her mother live with diabetes for 35 years, Dr Amutha Devi Kumar was inspired to bring together a team to create the world’s first totally non-invasive, data-driven and affordable blood glucometer.

  18. Saving lives and empowering others to do the same

    Photo of the Rescuent team with new mentor - Rod Wiebenga from D+I - at the MedTech's Got Talent Challenge Rapid Fire Rounds in Melbourne 2019.

    Every year in Australia, 1 in 1000 people suffer a sudden cardiac arrest and a staggering 90 per cent of them will lose their life. But one startup is working to save lives with a new technology that empowers people to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with confidence.

  19. New test for infection to improve patient quality of life and outcomes.

    Photo of Dr Hannah Wardill, Rapid Motion Co-founder in lab

    Driven to improve quality of life and outcomes for cancer patients, one startup has created a simple test that can quickly and sensitively detect infections – helping patients to access the care they need, when they need it.

  20. MedTech innovation bringing breastfeeding benefits to more mothers and children.

    Photo of Lactomo founder, Etta Watts-Russell with her new mentor, Ann Damien from Cook Medical at Sydney Rapid Fire Rounds, 2019.

    Driven to make breastfeeding easier and deliver health benefits to mothers and children, Etta Watts-Russell set to work creating a lactation aid that addresses all of the key problems associated with breastfeeding.

  21. Ensuring care continuity for people with mental health conditions.

    Cogniant is a novel mobile app that uses digital phenotyping to make proactive mental health diagnoses and bring early intervention benefits to large patient populations.

  22. New independence, mobility and agency for blind or visually impaired people.

    Photo of people trying out the Soundsense technology.

    SoundSense is a new high precision spatial awareness technology that allows blind or visually impaired people to “see” with sound, navigating spaces where they would have relied on canes or guide dogs.

  23. New rapid diagnostic product helps fight antibiotic resistance.

    Photo of the Diag-Nose team

    Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health today. But one HealthTech startup is working to turn this around with Diag-Nose – a rapid diagnostic tool that helps physicians to only prescribe antibiotics to patients who truly need them.

  24. Co-development of HealthTech improves preterm infant wellbeing.

    Photo of CPAP Buddy founder, Andrew Marshall pitching at the MedTech's Got Talent Rapid Fire Rounds 2019.

    Passionate about improving preterm infant wellbeing, Andrew Marshall and a team of engineers and clinicians created an innovative technology that will protect preterm infants’ delicate skin and help them to breath.

  25. A new cannula that saves lives through simplicity.

    Photo of Maryam Soomro, Founder of Injectra delivering her pitch at the Melbourne Rapid Fire Rounds, 2019.

    Injectra founder, Maryam Soomro is on a mission to prevent blood poisoning – the world’s leading cause of death from infection that causes at least 5,000 deaths in Australia each year.

  26. Strengthening continuous improvement in hospitals for better health outcomes

    Photo of Robert Buehrig delivering his pitch for Cogniom at the MedTech's Got Talent Challenge Rapid Fire Rounds, Sydney 2019.

    Cogniom was born when CEO and Co-founder Robert Buehrig’s Granny B was given medications at the wrong time during a hospital stay, resulting in a near-fatal complication that landed her in the ICU for five days.

  27. Getting knee replacement patients back to doing what they love, faster.

    Photo of Aaya Hakeem from Genuflex and new mentor, Greg Roger from Vestech at MedTech's Got Talent Challenge Rapid Fire Rounds, Sydney 2019.

    As a physiotherapy student on clinical placement, Aaya Hakeem saw the emotional toll on knee replacement patients struggling through rehabilitation and set to work building a solution.

  28. Announcing Melbourne & Sydney Rapid Fire Round Finalists

    Photo of Melbourne Rapid Fire Rounds contestants and mentors, 2019.

    We’re so excited to introduce you to the stellar Sydney and Melbourne Rapid Fire Round finalist entrepreneurs who are working hard to bring health innovation to people around the world!

  29. Gala Finals tickets now available!

    Photo of startups winning People's Choice award at MedTech's Got Talent Gala Finals

    Book now for the MedTech’s Got Talent Challenge Gala Finals! Don’t miss being a part of Australia’s largest and longest running HealthTech entrepreneurship competition, now expanding across Asia Pacific.

  30. Introducing Wickens Medical Technologies!

    Photo of Tom Logan (left) and Zak Landers (right) from Wickens Medical Technologies and new mentor Brody Payne (center) from Outerspace Design at Melbourne Rapid Fire Rounds 2019.

    Zak Landers and Tom Logan from Wickens Medical Technologies are passionate about improving quality of life with transformative technology. They’re on a mission to help people recover faster from knee injury, with real-time gyroscopic and sensor-based movement mapping and feedback.

  31. Eleven promising HealthTech companies receive seed funding, training and mentoring from The MedTech Actuator’s 15-month venture-backed Seed to Series A accelerator

    The MedTech Actuator have announced the eleven high-impact HealthTech startups that will form the fourth cohort of the MedTech Actuator accelerator program: Data Dissect, NIRAF, Walk to Beat, Goldilocks Suit, Neev Labs, Form-i-Baby, Neuromersiv, Philia Labs, SidelinesDr, Soterius and Ventora Medical. The MedTech Actuator’s fourth cohort of companies will take part in a rigorous industry-led 15-month program which accelerates technology development, builds out team capability and provides the skills and knowledge for entrepreneurial success. Along with training, mentoring and connectivity to 75+ local and global partners, the program provides a structured pathway to $3million+ Seed to Series A investment, with venture partners Artesian.

  32. Case study: MedTech startups have talent

    Photo of Victorian Minister for Jobs, Trade, Innovation, Sport, Tourism, Major Events & Racing Hon. Martin Pakula MP opening The MedTech Actuator's 2019 Showcase in Melbourne.

    In a new MTPConnect case study, Luke Fay from Artesian Ventures says that the MedTech Actuator, in collaboration with Artesian, is an outstanding example of what Australian innovation can be when the model is tailored, and the right players, partners and collaborators are brought together through the correct incentives and ‘industry pull’.

  33. See startups battle it out in Rapid Fire Rounds

    Text over pink sky background: "Book now - MedTech's Got Talent Rapid Fire Rounds"

    Witness HealthTech entrepreneurs, with just 60 seconds to pitch, compete for a place in the MedTech’s Got Talent Challenge Gala Finals.

  34. First sprint for new MedTech startups

    Photo of MedTech Actuator Accelerator Program cohort four at their first sprint in September, 2019.

    We were thrilled to kickoff our first national sprint this week with our fourth MedTech Actuator Accelerator Program cohort in Melbourne.

  35. MedTech’s Got Talent is coming to India!

    Image of text over purple sky: "Applications now open! MedTech's Got Talent India"

    Applications are now open for the first ever MedTech’s Got Talent Challenge India! Entrepreneurs in India will be mentored by industry leaders in pitching, developing and commercialising their innovations and will have the chance to compete in Melbourne for a stake in AUD$50k cash prizes.

  36. Learning the art of entrepreneurship

    Photo of children working together to build a marshmallow tower.

    Who loves marshmallows? We sure do – and so do the 127 children who recently caught up with our CEO, Dr Buzz Palmer to learn the art of entrepreneurship and creativity.

  37. Power the next wave of health innovation

    Photo of startups Stelect and Navi winning the People's Choice Award at MedTech's Got Talent Gala Finals in 2017.

    Power the next wave of health innovation by sponsoring the MedTech’s Got Talent Challenge – Australia’s largest and longest running HealthTech entrepreneurship competition.

  38. Have You Got What It Takes? Actuator Accelerator Applications For Round 3 (Feb 2019 Intake) Now Open!

    APPLICATIONS FOR THE ACTUATOR FEBRUARY 2019 COHORT ARE NOW OPEN! SUMMARY: Calling MedTech entrepreneurs around Australia – applications for Round 3 of The Actuator Accelerator are now open! Up to 10 promising startups will be accepted into the rigorous 15-month technology and entrepreneurial skill development program. Along with intensive mentorship and industry collaboration, the program…

  39. Funding a new generation of Victorian hospital-based medtech entrepreneurs

    Summary: 7 Victorian hospitals (including regional) can now participate in a proven national medical technology accelerator. Opens the door for healthcare professionals to become medtech entrepreneurs. Provides a new angel investment platform for healthcare professionals to invest and provide professional clinical advice. Offers participating hospitals and patients access to new innovative medical technologies   Melbourne,…

  40. Eight promising medtech companies receive seed funding, training and mentoring from venture-backed national accelerator: The Actuator – Australia’s National Medtech Catalyst

    Summary: The Actuator are thrilled to announce the eight high-impact medtech startups that are part of the 2018 Round 2 Actuator Accelerator program: TerraBlue XT, Curatek, Stelect, Augmented Bionics, ElectroAutoMedics, Flomatrix, Hexagon Innovation and Lenexa Medical. The Actuator’s second cohort of companies will be put through their paces in a rigorous industry-led 15-month program, which will…

  41. Female-led startup commercialising novel stent size selection device takes out the top prize in MedTech’s Got Talent

    Summary: Stelect, a female-led, Victorian startup commercialising a novel coronary stent size selection device, has taken out the top prize for the 4th cohort of MedTech’s Got Talent. STC Australia and The Actuator are excited to announce that the $40,000 top prize for MedTech’s Got Talent has been awarded to Fay Gibson, Elise Sutherland, Elizabeth…

  42. Life Sciences 4.0: Securing value through data-driven platforms

    Life sciences companies at risk of falling behind technology competitors in race to address evolving consumer demands New EY report looks at effect of consumerism and affordability on the life sciences industry  More than 75% of life sciences Fortune 500 companies may fall out of ranking by 2023, due to increasing competition and industry convergence…

  43. Have You Got What It Takes? Actuator Accelerator Applications For Round 2, 2018 Now Open!

    APPLICATIONS FOR THE ACTUATOR JULY COHORT ARE NOW OPEN! Utilising a 15-month focused industry-led curriculum, The Actuator Accelerator Program will take Seed ventures to Series A investment; leading into clinical trials, advanced manufacturing, and at-scale technology deployment. Through intensive mentorship, industry collaboration, and value-network support, our startups can achieve in 15 months what can typically…


    A higher risk tolerance for investment in the ‘deep tech startup’ space and fragmentation across the sector must be addressed if Australian MedTech is to be taken seriously on the world stage according to a new MedTech Discussion Paper launched today. The paper, launched by The Honourable Matt Kean MP, Minister for Innovation and Better…

  45. Have You Got What It Takes? Actuator Accelerator Applications For Round 1, 2018 Now Open!

    ABOUT THE ACTUATOR The first of its kind, The Actuator is a deeply collaborative national program that gives promising early-stage medical technology companies an accelerated pathway to $2.7 million of funding, capitalising on Australia’s strengths in medical research, healthcare, clinical trials and advanced manufacturing. We’re about real markets, real needs, real healthcare and real experts….

  46. Taking Medtech All The Way To Silicon Valley

    Meet the Melbourne clinicians reading brain signals to help the paralysed move A minimally-invasive technology that transmits brain signals to wheelchairs, bionic arms or other devices could help those with amputations, paralysis or multiple sclerosis to move again. Called the stentrode, the device can be delivered via a blood vessel in the neck—meaning patients don’t…

  47. The Actuator Accelerator Has Launched!

    Reading brain signals to help the paralysed move and more—The Actuator taking Australia’s promising medical technologies to market Australian medtech start-ups will each have access to up to $4 million under a national program launched today. The Actuator brings together leading players from across Australia’s medical technology innovation ecosystem, and is the first in a…