Reinventing personal protective equipment for emerging infections.

Photo of Alasdair and Chih Wei from Soterius

25 FEBRUARY 2020

With the air that we breathe under increasing threat from airborne pathogens, bushfires and pollution, Soterius is developing a facemask that stops viruses and filters out pollutants in the air.

Delivering tangible benefits for personal and public health drives Soterius cofounders and directors, Dr Alasdair Wood and Dr Chih Wei Teng.

“As a scientist, it is frustrating to generate great research that does not go anywhere. So to reach real people and have a positive impact on their lives is a big motivator,” says Alasdair.

Alasdair and Chih Wei joined The Accelerator in 2019 to validate their ideas, connect with product designers and partners, create a well-rounded business and build the skills necessary for scaling their business.

Delivered by the MedTech Actuator, the 15-month, industry-led, venture backed program aggressively funds and accelerates early-stage medical, health and biological technology startups. The MedTech Actuator works alongside venture partner Artesian to support startups on their journey.

The team recently completed a successful proof of concept and market validation through The Accelerator, providing quality data that will support product development.

“The Accelerator is such a complete package that you’re bound to learn and gain new perspectives, no matter how experienced you are,” says Chih Wei, who has found the advice and access to partner networks invaluable.

“Our mentors give us strategic and financial advice, linking us with experts from their network of partners, critiquing us and making us better.”

Alasdair says that Head of New Ventures, Michelle Kleynhans facilitates a lot of camaraderie and friendship amongst startups from The Accelerator.

“Peer learning is always great – we go through highs and lows together in a safe environment. I also love the people that populate The Accelerator, the team is great and the people they bring in are amazing,” says Alasdair.

“The Accelerator provides the tools and connections to make ideas a reality, which is a very exciting proposition. But be ready to sprint!”

To learn more about Soterius, contact Chih Wei at or Alasdair at

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