A new painless, blood-free way for diabetics to monitor blood glucose levels.

After witnessing her mother live with diabetes for 35 years, Dr Amutha Devi Kumar was inspired to bring together a team to create the world’s first totally non-invasive, data-driven and affordable blood glucometer.

With the new pain-free device created by Biofi Medical Healthcare India Pvt Ltd, people living with diabetes can say goodbye to pricking their finger every day for blood samples. The glucometer not only gives non-invasive blood glucose readings, it also offers insights into the intricate relationship between diet, exercise, blood glucose and insulin for better management and health outcomes.

Users can easily carry the compact device and measure their blood glucose anywhere in an instant. It is also reusable, doing away with the ongoing cost of disposable test strips.

In the first ever MedTech Actuator™ Origin – India in Bangalore earlier this year, Amutha was chosen as one of four semi-finalists to represent India in the MedTech Actuator™ Origin in Melbourne – Australia’s largest and longest running MedTech entrepreneurship competition.

Over the last few days, Amutha took part in an intensive accelerator run by the MedTech Actuator™ alongside three other Indian semi-finalists and eleven Australian semi-finalists to strengthen their skills in intellectual property, creating a technology roadmap and pitching.

At a mini pitch event for teams from India, Amutha was selected to compete at the Gala Finals this evening and is excited to battle it out for a share in $50,000. Amutha says that she sees the global network and recognition as the most empowering aspects of being involved in the MedTech Actuator™ Origin.

“The exposure that a startup would gain out of this program is of a global standard,”, says Amutha.

Amutha recommends that other entrepreneurs consider the impact they can make through their innovation.

“First, consider whether your idea or startup would make a difference to others. At the end of the day, the end-users and their numbers are the deciding factor – no matter how great your idea or startup is.”

Follow Amutha and the Biofi team’s journey at www.biofimed.com.

[LINK TO MEDTECH ACTUATOR ACCELERATOR PAGE] – applications open January 2020!

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