Making it possible for seniors to live better longer.

MedTech Actuator alumnus Gabriel is developing technology that delivers more proactive and integrated care to the elderly at home, hospitals and aged care facilities by helping family, clinicians and carers to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right support.

“We founded our family business together as Dad is getting older, and didn’t want to be a burden on us as he ages,” says Gabriel Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Maria Crews.

Maria, her brother, and father looked around the world and found that there was no complete, reliable system that would provide the level of care and protection that they wanted for their father, and that he wanted for himself.

“So we set out to create the ultimate solution,” says Maria. Gabriel helps to prevent serious complications experienced by the elderly including falls, bedsores and eloping from buildings.

In one trial, Gabriel found that an aged care resident had spent two hours alone on the bathroom floor after a fall and eventually managed to return to bed.

“When we spoke to the site, they had no record of that fall having occurred – but now we can provide real-time tools to understand and respond with the care that is required.”

Maria recognises that people can be hesitant to ask for help and that the elderly are no exception, fearing that it may lead to life in an aged care home.

“That’s why everything that we do is not only proactive, it’s also passive. The person doesn’t have to do anything, nor do their family, clinicians and carers – we do it all for them. And we’re doing it in a way that protects and preserves their dignity.”

This inspired the name, Gabriel. “It’s like having a guardian angel looking out for you. The system keeps an eye on you or your loved one, patient or resident, and looks after everything for you.”

Maria’s MedTech Actuator experience and networks are helping to bring Gabriel’s technology to people around the world faster.

“The MedTech Actuator built our understanding of navigating the MedTech landscape – from regulatory environments, to rules of engagement, networks, key players and the right people to talk to,” says Maria.