Fast-track your health venture from Seed to Series A

MedTech Actuator Accelerator

Over the last 5 years, the MedTech Actuator Accelerator has supported over 75 early stage healthtech startups to move rapidly through the complex commercialisation process. By curating access to knowledge, networks, and capital, the Accelerator offers early-stage healthtech ventures critical support to fast-track their development and increase success. 

Our proven industry driven approach puts founders at the core, connecting them with an ecosystem of local and global partners and experts. And our commercialisation framework provides a robust guide for navigating the journey.  

Over a 9-month program, startups are supported to develop a complete commercialisation strategy in a global context, a full deal room to increase investment readiness, and grow their skills as leaders within a growing international community of healthtech entrepreneurs.





Industry Connected

Curated access to 100’s of industry experts and organisations with deep and specialised knowledge on all aspects of the complex healthtech commercialisation process.

Born Local, Grow Global

Build business foundations and engage with your local ecosystem, and prepare for growth and access to international markets through integrated global sprints.

Fast-track Investment Readiness

Increase your knowledge and skill of the investment process, and develop a comprehensive deal room and robust fundraising plan linked to your strategy.

Support and Structure

Mentoring and strategic support from entrepreneurs and commercialisation experts that have lived the journey. Work to clear milestones linked to potential capital injection points.

Key Dates:

Applications open: February 5, 2024

Applications close: March 29, 2024

Program start: May 2024

What Will You Receive?


Connections and Access


  • 100+ hours of workshops and development

  • Monthly 1:1 mentoring and accountability sessions

  • Investor readiness and deal room preparation

  • Cohort of like-minded early-stage founders

  • 50+ mentors from across the ecosystem

  • Successful founders and MedTech Actuator alumni

  • Guidance and advice from MedTech Actuator partners

  • APAC network and global partners

  • In-kind program support

  • Opportunity for *funding from our exclusive investment partner — Synthesis Capital

*Funding to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

MedTech Actuator Accelerator Australia is supported by LaunchVic.

MedTech Actuator Accelerator Singapore is supported by Enterprise Singapore.

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Program Dates

Applications close

March 29, 11:59 pm (Australia & Singapore)
Please note: applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis and further due diligence documents may be requested


April 8 & 9 (Australia) | April 11 (Singapore)


April 12 onwards (Australia & Singapore)


Phase 1 (Melbourne)

Sprint 1: May 20 - 22 (in-person)
Sprint 2: June 18 - 20 (online)
Sprint 3: July 15 - 17 (in person)
Sprint 4: Aug 19 – 21 (online)

Phase 2 (Melbourne)

Mentoring and Investor Readiness: September, 2024 - March, 2025
Accelerator Showcase: March 2025


Phase 1 (Singapore)

Sprint 1: May 13 - 15 (in-person)
Sprint 2: June 18 - 20 (online)
Sprint 3: July 22 - 24 (in-person)
Sprint 4: Aug 19 - 21 (online)

Phase 2 (Singapore)

Mentoring and Investor Readiness: September, 2024 - March, 2025
Accelerator Showcase: March 2025

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Wei Sue

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Working through your application and have questions or need assistance? We want to help you put your best foot forward, so read through the FAQs and please book a time to chat with the team.





There are two parts to the application process. Firstly, you’ll be required to submit basic information about your startup and the founding team. These applications are assessed on an ongoing basis. 


The most promising teams will be invited to an interview with MedTech Actuator and will be requested to provide further information for due diligence. 


Based on the information provided, due diligence and interview, you’ll be offered a place in the MedTech Actuator Accelerator.


Applications close at 11:59 pm (AEDT) on 29 March, 2024





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MedTech Actuator Accelerator Welcomes the 8th Cohort

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to teams of  MedTech Actuator™ Accelerator 2023. Over the next 12-months, startups will be provided intensive support to help them develop the skills, networks, and resources needed to successfully navigate the complex health commercialisation pathway.

Meet Oliver Morton-Evans: Co-founder of Neuromersiv, Revolutionizing Rehabilitation Therapy with VR

Oliver Morton-Evans, Chief Operating Officer at Neuromersiv was inspired to start a MedTech startup by combining his background in producing immersive Virtual Reality experiences and his lived experience with a lifelong disability. He has been motivated by the possibility of improving functional mobility outcomes for people with disability and empowering them through immersive Virtual Reality (VR) based rehabilitation therapy. 

Gravida Health: Transforming Pregnancy Care through Clinical Innovation

Pregnancy can be an exciting yet daunting time for many women. Unfortunately, the experience can be made even more difficult when labour needs to be induced. MedTech Actuator startup, Gravida Health recognised this issue and set out to create a world-first medical innovation to improve labour induction procedures and provide a more positive experience for women.

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