Sep 16, 2022

Announcing MedTech Actuator’s first Origin Japan cohort

Announcing MedTech Actuator’s first Origin Japan cohort

MedTech Actuator is proud to announce its early-stage innovation program, MedTech Actuator Origin Japan 2022, launching next week.

This program supports health innovation across Japan, offering emerging founders and entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore the Asia-Pacific market for the commercialisation of health innovation. 

The selected top 14 Japanese MedTech, BioTech and HealthTech entrepreneurs will start the program with MedTech Actuator, JETRO (Japanese External Trade Organisation), OCCI (Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry), OBDA (Osaka Business Development Agency) and industry experts from across Japan and Australia, at a 3-day bootcamp in Osaka next week. Together, they will learn about the Asia-Pacific ecosystem, pathways to market, startup investment cycles, strategic partnerships and attend a series of pitching workshops before pitching for their chance to travel to Australia to join MedTech Actuator Origin.

Welcoming Origin Japan participants

We are excited to announce the 14 teams selected to participate in the MedTech Actuator Origin Japan 2022 Program. 

  • Smart Tissues Co., Ltd. | Kohei Katsurasako, Denise Zujur | Smart Tissues Co. is developing the first antibacterial and universal bioink for bioprinting human living tissues and organs.
  • Osaka Heat Cool (Thermo Scratch) | Kenzo Ibano | Osaka Heat Cool helps to tackle the symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis(AD), allergies, and other skin diseases by stopping itchiness using thermal illusion on the skin.
  • Second Heart project | Yukihiro Ishida | Second Heart project is developing a healthcare device that allows easy observation of the feet in the home to prevent amputation due to diabetes.
  • Medical Shinansha | Kosuke Sasai | Medical Shinansha provides a suite of diagnostic imaging innovations that support clinician navigation and student training to lead to more efficient clinical management, improved patient satisfaction, and better clinical capacity for accurate diagnosis.
  • Chinougijutsu Co., Ltd. | Ryoji Otsu, Seiichi Hayashi |  Chinougijutsu Co. has jointly developed an artificial intelligence system that prevents falls in hospitals and aged-care settings.
  • RealVision | Gajanan Revankar | A digital therapeutic and diagnostic tool for neurodegenerative diseases that improves diagnosis, prognosis, and long-term disease management.
  • PMCODE Co., Ltd. | Tatsuya ONODA, Masatoshi Taketani | A hybrid information storage symbol mark technology for patient-driven healthcare information management.
  • Tombo™ Systems KK | Ross K. Purdie, Michael Clemons | The Tombo is a certified non-exercise, thermo-genesis activity device that prevents the onset of deep vein thrombosis from sitting at a chair or in front of a computer for a long period of time.
  • MediGear International Corporation | Takeo Tanaka |  A drug-free tumour-targeted minimally invasive therapy” that obtains an antitumor effect without a drug by blocking the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cancer cells by locally administering a uniquely developed nanodevice to the tumour and specifically surrounding the tumour as a barrier.
  • Relive (CureMind) | Risa Kaneda | CureMind is an online, high-availability, real-time access to cancer support services in a safe environment via a mobile application.
  • Kyocare | Hiba Abuelgasim Fadlelmoula Abdelrahman | A digital platform connecting families with elderly relations in need of care to care workers from their local community.
  • Mu Ltd. (MiniMermaid) | Naotake Ohtsuka, Hirosuke Tomozoe |  Mu is developing Minimermaid, a self-propelled capsule endoscopy for the examination of digestive tract cancer without pain.
  • Redge, inc. | ​​Takahiro Hirayama | Redge is developing CeTrax, a medical device management and education system that leverages Japanese clinical engineering technology to address the lack of reliable information and training.
  • iDevice, Inc. | Yuto Kido |  iDevice has created the Javalla mask – a tailor-made ventilation mask that provides comfortable sealing and prevents skin injuries and discomfort.

Congratulations to the qualifying teams. We wish them all the best with their pitches at the Origin Japan semi-final on Wednesday.

Next, the 3 qualifying teams from Japan will join MedTech Actuator in Melbourne in October where over five days they’ll learn from industry experts, pressure test their innovations, and network with and pitch to Australia’s startup ecosystem. 

Ultimately, one Japanese startup will be selected to return to Australia to pitch at the MedTech Actuator Showcase 2022 – an industry event attended by 300 experts in health innovation on December 1. At this event, startups will compete for a chance to win a $10K cash prize, over $5k worth of in-kind support, and a fast-tracked entry into MedTech Actuator Accelerator 2023  to catalyse the commercialisation of their ideas.

MedTech Actuator Origin Japan is sponsored by JETRO and co-organized with JETRO, OCCI and OBDA.

Applications are now open for MedTech Actuator Origin Australia 2022 

Do you have an idea, project or innovation in human health? Located in Australia? Find out more about MedTech Actuator Origin and apply today.

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