Jul 08, 2021

Asia Pacific’s best emerging health entrepreneurs join MedTech Actuator.

Asia Pacific’s best emerging health entrepreneurs join MedTech Actuator.

Entrepreneurs working to improve and save lives through health innovation have joined the MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech catalyst.

We wish a warm welcome to our new cohort of clinicians, researchers and other changemakers with big plans to radically accelerate their medical, health or biological technology prototype or proof-of-concept:

  • GenEmbryomics: IVF Embryo Whole Genome Sequencing.
  • Gild: Improving healthcare access by developing gap-payment technology.
  • HatiSens: A handheld sensing device that can accurately diagnose heart attack in under 10 minutes.
  • Moon technologies: Providing emergency patients’ health data to paramedics in real-time.
  • Osteo-X: An internally self-locking intramedullary nail (orthopaedics) that reduces surgical time and radiation exposure.
  • Quitta: Developing safe, effective nicotine replacement therapies for the world’s 1.3 billion smokers.
  • The Mindful Mum (Rebranding to “Nourri”): A digital health platform that helps modern families nurture their health and happiness – for everyone’s benefit.
  • Virtetic: Empowering the prosthetics community through virtual reality.
  • XLR8: Developing wearable sensors and Rebee application to allow patients to perform physical rehabilitation exercises anywhere, any time.
  • Yabi: An innovative, accurate and automated method for monitoring and escalating surgical drain output.

The MedTech Actuator’s specialised acceleration model will surround the startups with the ecosystem support they need to bring their MedTech, HealthTech or BioTech innovation to the patients and clinicians who need it most.

Through MedTech Actuator’s intensive mentorship, industry collaboration, up to AUD$200K initial capital injection and capital raising support, the founders can achieve in 15 months what can typically take 3 years or more.

Embedded in the MedTech Actuator™ ecosystem, they will radically advance their technology development, raise seed capital, and build critical business and management skills. They will become primed and ready to grow their venture even further – including raising series A funding, commencing clinical trials, gaining regulatory approvals, and moving to at-scale manufacturing, and market launch.

Integrated across Asia Pacific, the industry-led MedTech Actuator will open an unrivalled network to founders, including 85 partners and 75 mentors from some of the largest names in health innovation spanning multi-national corporations, hospitals and clinicians, investor groups and VCs, professional service partners, universities and research institutions, and product development firms.

They will go on to join an alumni network of the brightest emerging startups from across Asia Pacific and our networks are their networks as they scale up, prepare for exit and beyond.

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