Congratulations to the MedTech Actuator Origin finalists!

Out of ten impressive startups that made it through to the Origin Semi-final, MedTech Actuator is proud to announce three finalists moving forward to pitch at the MedTech Actuator Showcase.

After an intensive sprint, the cohort of emerging founders took to the virtual stage to pitch for their place in the 2021 MedTech Actuator Origin finals. At the Showcase next week, teams will pitch for their chance to win $15K prize money, fast-tracked application to MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech accelerator – and in-kind support.

Meet this cohort’s finalists:


Team members: Lorace (Tianshu) Zhang, David Lin, Isaac Ho

Vysum aims to develop a handheld device to make eye drop administration more convenient for glaucoma patients to improve treatment compliance and prevent blindness. 

Vysum originated from the year-long BioDesign Innovation subject at The University of Melbourne. Teams formed from the Melbourne Business School and the Department of Engineering explored 147 clinical needs in 4 areas including neonatal ICU, ophthalmology, mental health and chronic pain.

After surveying over 400 glaucoma patients and interviewing over 30 clinicians, the team identified problems within accuracy and compliance of treatment administration. Vysum’s eye drop device, Ocumate, makes treatment more accurate, convenient and enjoyable for glaucoma patients and clinicians, ultimately connecting patients and clinicians for improved care.

Aeolus by Spira Health

Team members: Joseph Po, Tony Pang, Jason Jin and Jake Harris

The team behind Aeolus discovered gaps in care for obstructive sleep apnoea whilst undertaking the Biodesign Sydney program. Obstructive sleep apnoea has an extensive impact on cardiovascular health and other health concerns.

Currently, sleep apnoea is treated with a one-size fits all approach that is designed for late-stage sufferers. There is a clear need for better therapeutic options in this area that can improve symptoms and health impacts and relieve the health burden obstructive sleep apnoea has across society.

Aeolus is a medical device that trains the muscles of the throat, empowering people with obstructive sleep apnoea to proactively improve their sleep and make the most out of every day.

Think Project

Team members: Anushi Rajapaksa, James Friend

Think Project emerged from research conducted by Dr Anushi Rajapaksa, a senior scientist based at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Many people around the world have a phobia of needles, just like Anushi.

Pain-free therapies and medication delivery via the lungs seemed like a no-brainer to Anushi. Over the past few years, Anushi has dedicated her work to discovering and developing new technologies that will enable liquid medications to be inhaled, rather than injected.

Anushi and team have developed a novel acoustic nebuliser for rapid lung delivery of life-saving biomolecules against infectious respiratory diseases in children.

The MedTech Actuator Origin final will take place on Thursday 9 December 2021 at the MedTech Actuator Showcase. A full recording will be made available to guests who were unable to attend in the week following the event.

About MedTech Actuator Origin

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Photo: Dr Anushi Rajapaksa, MedTech Actuator Origin 2021 Finalist.

MedTech Actuator Origin Semi-Finalists Announced

Twenty impressive teams recently battled it out at the MedTech Actuator Origin Rapid Fire Rounds, pitching their ideas to improve and save lives through health innovation. Ten teams took out top place and are now progressing to the Semi-Finals.

The ten emerging stars will experience industry-led mentoring and education, turbocharging their ideas and taking them closer to making their entrepreneurship ambitions a reality.

Contestants include clinicians, researchers, and students who are working on MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech innovations that patients need and clinicians want. They’re pioneering in diverse fields spanning respiratory disease, heart disease, sleep, mental health, epilepsy, brain tumours, stroke, lumbar punctures, glaucoma and more.

What’s at stake?

The teams will join MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholars next week for a three-day intensive sprint exploring the Australian healthcare ecosystem and how to take their startup to market.

Industry mentors, MedTech Actuator alumni and ecosystem leaders will share their knowledge and insights with the teams, pressure test their projects and guide them in refining their business models.

The experience will culminate in the MedTech Actuator Origin Semi-Finals next Wednesday evening where teams will compete for a place in the MedTech Actuator Showcase. At the Showcase teams will have the chance to win $15K prize money, fast-tracked application to MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech accelerator – and in-kind support valued at $5K.

Welcome To Our Semi-Finals Contestants

We are excited to announce the ten teams participating in the MedTech Actuator Origin intensive sprint and Semi-Finals. We wish each of these rising stars all the very best in their pitch and beyond in their endeavours to improve and save lives.

  • Anura (CAHM) | Jessica Anderson, William Symington, Elamathi Arivukkan Venugopal, Phoebe Lewis, Rebecca McCormick | Anura is developing CAHM, a wearable device that monitors lung function during daily activities to facilitate early treatment for respiratory disease flare-ups, preventing severe illness and hospitalisation.
  • Cardiopin | Farhad Goodarzy, David Kaye, Andi Partovi | Cardiopin is developing a novel, in-home monitoring system for congestive heart failure, using easy-to-access biomarkers like voice recordings and weight measurements.
  • Circadian Health Innovations (The Melanopic Eye) | Rowan Page, Elliott Wilson, Andrew Phillips | Circadian Health Innovations are developing the Melanopic Eye, a light sensing wearable that guides people to healthy light for better sleep, mental health, and general wellbeing.
  • Nuroflux | David Almeida Cardoso, Sam van Bohemen | Nuroflux is a wearable, continuous brain-monitoring device for stroke patient management.
  • SimpleSense EEG | Sebastian Corlette | SimpleSense EEG is making high-quality electroencephalogram possible for any patient, at any time.
  • SoundMind | Pete Field | SoundMind is focused on improving your sleep performance so you can reach your greatest human potential.
  • Spira Health (Aeolus) | Joseph Po, Tony Pang, Jason Jin, Jake Harris | Spira Health is developing Aeolus, a device that trains the muscles of the throat and is designed to empower people with obstructive sleep apnoea to proactively improve their sleep, allowing them to make the most out of their day.
  • Think Global Project | Anushi Rajapaksa, James Friend | Think Global Project has developed a novel acoustic nebuliser for rapid lung delivery of life-saving biomolecules against infectious respiratory diseases in children.
  • Vause Medical (LumVi) | Trinh (Mara) Quach, Shelby Marie Holland, Alexandra Wigley, Amanda Druk, Michelle Callow | Vause Medical is developing LumVi, a medical guidance system that helps clinicians choose the correct puncture point during a lumbar puncture.
  • Vysum | Lorace (Tianshu) Zhang, Darren Tan, David Lin, Isaac Ho, Aryan Motevali | Vysum aims to develop a handheld device to make eye drop administration more convenient for glaucoma patients, improving treatment compliance and preventing blindness.

About MedTech Actuator Origin

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Meet Makenzie – Project Officer

MedTech Actuator Project Officer Makenzie Thomas brings her passion for entrepreneurship, startup ecosystems and supporting founders to delivering MedTech Actuator Origin, and the MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholarship and Fellowship programs.

Makenzie’s international experience spans Europe, Australia, and Canada – working in project management, marketing, business innovation, academic research, and creative and cultural entrepreneurship.

Photo of Makenzie Thomas, MedTech Actuator

Makenzie draws on this international experience to deliver MedTech Actuator Origin – an idea pitch competition – and the MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholarship and Fellowship programs – supporting researchers alongside the Menzies Foundation to transform their impact.

“My role covers everything from application campaigns to participant experience, to program delivery,” says Makenzie.

“From one day to the next I could be writing communications, drafting social media visuals, developing program strategy, jumping into workshops, providing pitch feedback to founders, working with our network of inspiring speakers – it is quite a mixed bag!”

Cheering on founders

Working with founders is a real highlight for Makenzie in her role.

“They’ve got such a unique energy that becomes the foundation upon which they build their startups.

One thing I love about my role is that we’re right there with them, celebrating the small wins, cheering them on as they pitch (over and over) and guiding them in the right direction.

It takes so much to go from idea to successful startup and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

The ecosystem, accelerator programs, like MedTech Actuator, and their own personal networks are essential to success.

Being a part of this world and being able to have an impact across a number of founder journeys is my why. It’s the reason I’m here at MedTech Actuator.”

On the horizon

Makenzie says that there’s a lot happening in the MedTech, BioTech and HealthTech space, especially in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region.

“I’m entering this corner of the entrepreneurship world with fresh eyes and I know that the ecosystem is growing and seeing some big wins in 2021. I’m really excited to learn from MedTech Actuator, the innovation ecosystem and the amazing founders coming through our programs.”

Meet our team

Get to know how others in the MedTech Actuator team are supporting Asia Pacific’s next wave of health innovators:

Radetec Diagnostics develops fast COVID19 test

With assistance from the Additive Manufacturing Hub at AMTIL, MedTech Actuator startup Radetec Diagnostics has developed an innovative device to facilitate fast and inexpensive testing of various infectious diseases – including COVID19.

Melbourne-based Radetec Diagnostics is a bio-nanotechnology company dedicated to developing a world-leading “platform technology” based on quantum dots – advanced luminescent nanoparticles that can be used as labels for imaging and sensing applications.

This has a wide range of clinical applications, particularly in the field of point-of-care rapid diagnostics, portable in-vitro diagnostic (IVDs) devices that are used for fast and inexpensive testing of various infectious diseases such as COVID19, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or even cancer and Parkinson’s disease biomarkers.

The Additive Manufacturing Hub recently supported Radetec in developing the reader just in time for the roll-out of its first product – a COVID19 antigen point-of-care rapid test. The support allowed for a timely delivery of the entire set of diagnostics devices (reader and test strip) to US-based distribution partners for immediate live trial and evaluation.

Read more about Radetec’s game-changing technology in this recent case study from the Additive Manufacturing Hub.

Radetec has now opened equity financing to accelerate the execution of their go-to-market strategy.

The company is now:

  • revenue positive – through ancillary product sales
  • trialling their COVID19 point-of-care test in Indian hospitals, with regulatory approval underway
  • trialling their COVID19 point-of-care test in US hospitals, and working closely with a US distributor
  • developing a chlamydia point-of-care test – with the prototype ready by the end of 2021
  • building a product pipeline – with a suite of products at various stages of development.

To express interest in becoming a Radetec Diagnostics investor, reach out to Lee Xie – Radetec Commercial Director at l.xie[@]

Founders powering the next wave of health innovation.

Congratulations to founders on recently completing MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech catalyst.

We are proud to support our fifth cohort in radically accelerating their medical, health or biological technology prototype or proof-of-concept to improve and save lives.

Thank you so much to every founder for being a part of the industry-led MedTech Actuator. We are delighted to have you on board in the MedTech Actuator™ innovation ecosystem for life and can’t wait to see where your journey takes you next.

Congratulations to our new MedTech Actuator alumni

Congratulations to all cohort five founders and teams including:

  • Beta Medtech – Edison Bellarmin, Thomas Ooi | Smart patch for the detection and monitoring of pressure ulcers.
  • ChezLeon – Cheryl Pollock | Passive massage wear for treatment of lymphoedema as a side effect of cancer treatment.
  • CPAP Buddy by Tasmanian Medical Innovations – Kathleen Lim, Lachlann McLeod, Cameron Keating, Peter Dargaville, Andrew Marshall | A continuous monitoring system that makes breathing support safer for preterm infants.
  • Diag-Nose Medical – Eldin Rostom, David Yen, Brian Wang, Josie Xu | Non-invasive diagnostics for better rhinology treatments.
  • EloCare – Mabel Nguyen, Fandi Peng | Innovating in the internet of medical things and AI technology to help people live longer and age gracefully.
  • Gabriel – Maria Crews, Nick Crews | Making it possible for seniors to live better for longer.
  • HiCura Medical – Cailin Ng, Yusong Leng | AI technology reducing risks and discomfort for patients during childbirth.
  • Medicsen | Needle-free smart patch for painless drug delivery.
  • Onward Health Research – Martin Lim | A digital health platform enabling world-class clinical research in emerging markets.
  • PhysiPal – Aaya Hakeem, Ahmed Hakeem | A device and app combination that allows patients to take charge of their physiotherapy rehabilitation at home.
  • Recovery App – Allan Molloy, Myles Coolican, Tony Nicol | Digital health platform to optimise outcomes and reduce costs associated with major orthopaedic surgery.
  • Repli-med – Zoe Keon-Cohen, Thomas Sutton | 3D printed models to train and help prepare surgeons and anaesthetists for eye and spine procedures.
  • TuCann – Maryam Soomro, Kenneth Wong, Santiago Beltran Diaz | Cannula solution, simplifying the cannulation process and decreasing likelihood of infection

Where to from here?

Founders can now tap into MedTech Actuator’s unrivalled network – including 85 partners and 75 mentors from some of the largest names in health innovation spanning multi-national corporations, hospitals and clinicians, investor groups and VCs, professional service partners, universities and research institutions, and product development firms.

They join an alumni network of the brightest emerging startups from across Asia Pacific, and our networks are their networks as they scale up, prepare for exit and beyond.

About MedTech Actuator

The MedTech Actuator’s specialised acceleration model surrounds startups with the ecosystem support they need to bring their MedTech, HealthTech or BioTech innovation to the patients and clinicians who need it most.

Through MedTech Actuator’s intensive mentorship, industry collaboration, up to AUD$200K initial capital injection and capital raising support, the founders can achieve in 15 months what can typically take 3 years or more.

Embedded in the MedTech Actuator™ ecosystem, founders radically advance their technology development, raise seed capital, and build critical business and management skills. They become primed and ready to grow their venture even further – including raising series A funding, commencing clinical trials, gaining regulatory approvals, and moving to at-scale manufacturing, and market launch.

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EloCare: Helping people age gracefully with IoMT technology.

MedTech Actuator startup EloCare Pte Ltd is innovating in the internet of medical things (IoMT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop connected and smart healthcare devices that help people live longer and age gracefully.

Dr Mabel Yen Ngoc Nguyen and Fandi Peng founded Singapore-based EloCare, bringing their strong medical research, engineering, and entrepreneurial backgrounds to the company – with a focus on chronic and aging care.

Mabel and Fandi discovered that there was no reliable tool to detect and monitor over 35 menopausal symptoms, and went on to build the first menopause tracker. The wearable and accompanying mobile app can serve as a personalised healthcare assistant to help women make more informed decisions, with the support of their physician, about how to manage menopause. Easy to use and secure, the solution monitors symptoms through biomarkers and self-assessments, and interprets this data to provide lifestyle and medical suggestions. The team is working closely with researchers and clinicians to develop this solution.

“Throughout the R&D process, we uncovered more healthcare problems in aging and chronic care that can be addressed with our IoMT infrastructure. We are now working with our clinical partners to deliver better care,” says Mabel, EloCare CEO and Co-Founder.

EloCare recently won the Open Innovation Challenge 2020 for Industry Track, delivered by Enterprise Singapore in partnership with five of Singapore’s leading healthcare providers. The award opens more opportunities for EloCare to co-develop, test, and deploy solutions using their IoMT infrastructure with healthcare providers.


MedTech Actuator x Elocare

Starting with an idea, preliminary research, and a raw prototype the team joined Asia Pacific’s MedTech catalyst MedTech Actuator in 2020 to develop their prototype and go-to-market, IP, and regulatory strategies – and to connect with industry experts and potential investors.

“The MedTech Actuator has a strong local and international support network that spans government, product development, corporate, clinical, research, investor, and VC partners,” says Mabel.

Being embedded in this ecosystem gave EloCare brand advantages and opportunities to connect with strategic partners and investors. The MedTech Actuator has helped EloCare to connect with the right individuals for feedback and advice in the health innovation ecosystem, and the founding team would not hesitate to recommend the program to emerging founders.

“Navigating a startup in the MedTech space has unique challenges with a longer time horizon compared to a typical startup. Being in the right network and getting professional support early from MedTech Actuator can help startups avoid costly lessons down the road and tap into many opportunities to connect with strategic partners and investors.”

Mabel says the team was fortunate to have Johannes Mang as a mentor to guide them during the program and refine company strategies.

“Johannes is very experienced in the different stages of a startup journey and willing to put himself in our shoes to work through problems and share his insights,” says Mabel.

Photo of road at dusk, pink sky, street lights, empty road in one lane, car light streak through lane travelling opposite direction.

EloCare tips for early-stage MedTech entrepreneurs

Mabel notes that early-stage startups share a common challenge to develop a clear vision of what can be achieved in the short-term and long-term.

“Founders can be ambitious in their startup vision to create a disruptive solution. However being an early-stage startup with time and resource constraints, it is important to have a balance of ambition and pragmatism and to be flexible with goals,” says Mabel.

Mabel recommends ensuring the long-term vision can be broken down into attainable and profitable milestones. She says that it is also important to maintain focus and ambition – always working towards creating impact and developing a competitive advantage.

“Within the EloCare team, we as founders have intense discussions about our mission and plans for the company every time that we assess our progress and challenges. While it is not an easy discussion, it is essential for the life and growth of the company,” says Mabel.

Mabel believes that founders and early team members need to remain resilient and passionate to overcome constant uncertainties and challenges in building a startup.

“Most people will tell you why an idea doesn’t work, and most of the time, they are right. But it is more important to think about how to make something work,” says Mabel.

“Be open-minded enough to accept if a solution or an idea doesn’t work in the end – but only after putting 100% effort into trying to make it work first. On another note, make sure you ask for feedback from the right audience!”

Learn more about EloCare.

Photos by Anton Maksimov juvnsky and Jack B on Unsplash

Our village is raising MedTech’s next wave of innovators.

Thank you to health innovation experts from across Asia Pacific and the US who recently shared their industry insights and knowledge through MedTech Actuator sprints with the region’s best emerging health entrepreneurs.

As Asia Pacific’s MedTech catalyst, MedTech Actuator is a 15-month, industry-led, venture-backed program that aggressively funds and accelerates medical, health and biological technology startups. Our latest MedTech Actuator cohort is driving innovation for patients and clinicians who need it most, in diverse fields spanning IVF, prosthetics, rehabilitation and more.

The sprints: relentless execution towards market success.

Through our recent MedTech Actuator sprints, founders developed expertise in business models, pitching, customer validation, IP, regulations, reimbursement, clinical trials in Australia, Singapore, the US, and the EU.

This expertise will be crucial to their success in determining a pathway to market, including how long it will take to secure their first paying customer.

With these important foundations in place MedTech Actuator startups are now working to address critical risk areas, before ramping up commercialisation activities.

Our village, helping to take founders there.

It takes a village to raise a startup and health innovation is no exception. These latest MedTech Actuator sprints would not have been possible without the support of our village.

Our sincere thanks to all the people and companies that have contributed to our latest cohort so far:

  • Alex Newton – NAVI
  • Tony Sinclair – Impactor
  • Gemma and Lucas Testro – SONDO
  • Matt Godden – Australian Healthcare Solutions
  • Nairy Baghdikian – Cogentum
  • Penelope Lane – SCALE
  • Michelle Gallaher – Opyl
  • Stefaan Van Der Meulen – Syntactx
  • Nick Opie – Synchron
  • Jean-Nicolas Boudaud – Brandwood
  • Marco Kalms – Kalms Consulting
  • Tom Hughes – LabCorp
  • Lee Phin Peng, Hee Choon – Singapore Biodesign
  • Amrish Nair – Biorithm
  • Jason Lim, Yang Jie Tan – Stendard
  • Lawrence Ho and Rina Lim – NUHS
  • Cher Hwa Teo, Ee Lim, Michael Ho – NHIC Singapore
  • Tan Cher Heng – NHG

Our village spans far and wide across the globe. We also extend our sincere thanks to MedTech Actuator partners for their generous contribution.

  • Jarred Roache – Roache Design
  • Matthew Gould, Leah Han, Dr Anna Bellamy-McIntyre, Matt Cary, Joseph Barker – EY
  • Rachel Hooke, Eddie Walker – FB Rice
  • Jonathan Kelp, Simone Mitchell & Kristi Geddes – Minter Ellison
  • Natalie Lawandi, Rashmi Joglekar – MedTronic
  • Dr Megan Robertson – St Vincent’s
  • Chris Rupp, Stefaan van der Meulen – NAMSA
  • Frank Jaskulke – Medical Alley
  • Anh Bourcet – J&J Singapore
  • Johanes Candra, Sherilyn Chan – EY Singapore
  • Delon Toh – ESG

We are grateful for everyone’s time, drive, energy, and enthusiasm – we could not do this without you and are excited to support the continued growth of our founders.

Find out more about MedTech Actuator.

Meet the next MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholars

The MedTech Actuator and Menzies Foundation are thrilled to announce the second cohort of MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholarships.

After an overwhelming response to our call for applications – we were three times oversubscribed – MedTech Actuator and the Menzies Foundation have narrowed it down to an inspiring cohort of researchers and scientists who are ready to transform their impact.

Embarking on a two-month scholarship, recipients will gain insight from industry experts, learn alongside Australia’s best emerging entrepreneurs, access exclusive industry events and network with a dynamic cohort of innovators. The scholarship supports emerging scientists and researchers on their pathway to an impact-driven career fusing science, research, and entrepreneurship.

Introducing the new scholars

The MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholarship cohort are passionate about developing healthcare solutions that improve and save lives. Their diverse expertise spans diabetes, cancer treatments, precision medicine, wellbeing devices, gene therapy, neonatal care and more. 

Scholarship recipients include:

Dr Sebastian Corlette, Anaesthetist, Royal Children’s Hospital and PhD Candidate, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the University of Melbourne.

Project: Developing a new sensor for high-quality, long-term electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement in young babies.

Darcy Dunn-Lawless, Master of Engineering (Biomedical), Flinders University.

Project: Developing a new medical implant for cancer patients who have had orthopaedic surgery.

Adaeze Ekwe, PhD Candidate, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and Queensland University of Technology.

Project: Developing a novel cellular therapy for graft-versus-host disease using genetically modified regulatory T cells.

Erin Humphries, Research Assistant at Children’s Medical Research Institute and Masters by Research Student at the University of Sydney.

Project: Discovering new biological insights into cancer.

Ismat Kabbara, Co-founder, Synbiote and Master of Science in Anatomy, University of NSW.

Project: Making biological materials for pharmaceuticals more efficient to manufacture and affordable.

Marta Orlowska, PhD Candidate, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and Queensland University of Technology.

Project: Investigating metabolic shifts at a cellular level, through time of day dependent influencing factors.

Dr Rowan Page, Lecturer and Industrial Design Program Director, Monash University.

Project: Developing a wearable light sensing device to guide people toward healthier light exposure patterns.

Dr Anushi Rajapaksa, Senior Research Officer, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Founder, Think Project Global.

Project: Developing rapid, life-saving drug delivery for children with infectious respiratory disease.

Rance Brennan B. Tino, PhD Candidate, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing, RMIT University.

Project: 3D Printing of bespoke phantoms for treatment planning verifications in radiotherapy

April Van Der Kamp, PhD Candidate, Flinders University.

Project: Developing novel diabetic foot ulcer treatments.

The MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholarship Experience

Joining MedTech Actuator Origin, scholars will be exposed to the world of entrepreneurship and see what it takes to commercialise successful healthcare ventures. Topics covered across workshops and an industry-led intensive sprint will include intellectual property, pitching, business modelling, pathways-to-market, regulatory strategies, market analysis and more.

MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholarships will provide recipients with a $1,000 stipend and a pivotal learning experience to amplify their careers as champions for impact-driven healthcare innovation.

Follow their journey – or get ready to become a scholar

Sign up to our newsletter below and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn to follow the journey of scholars – and to find out how to be a 2022 MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholar.

The MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholarship is supported by the Menzies Foundation as part of their Entrepreneurship in Science mission in partnership with the MedTech Actuator.

MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowships now open

Are you a high-potential scientist or researcher working with MedTech, BioTech or HealthTech innovations? Are you interested in exploring entrepreneurship and commercialisation? Do you have a research project with market translation potential?

Applications are now open for 2022 MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowships. Two high-potential medical or scientific researchers will each receive a tailored MedTech Actuator experience. This includes mentorship from industry experts, networking opportunities, exclusive industry events, and a $20,000 stipend.

Apply now for 2022 MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowships!

The MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship exposes senior researchers to entrepreneurship, commercialisation and the startup ecosystem to unlock the potential of Australia’s world-class research.

“We know that there is great work being done by researchers in Australia – particularly in the areas of human health and medicine. We want to support this talent by giving researchers access to commercialisation expertise so that they can share their work with the people who need it most – patients and clinicians,” says MedTech Actuator CEO, Dr Buzz Palmer.

“The MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship will provide high-potential scientists with a strong grounding in the elements of commercialisation. Most importantly, it will provide access to founders and our extensive ecosystem of partners – a network that spans hospitals, product development firms, multinational MedTech corporations and investors,” says Dr Palmer.

The MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship is a partnership between the Menzies Foundation and MedTech Actuator, which supports the scientific community’s commercialisation capacity by facilitating knowledge transfer from industry to researchers. 

“We are passionate about investing in our country’s future science leaders and giving them the runway to ensure that their research has an impact in the world. We look forward to sharing their entrepreneurial journey,” Menzies Foundation CEO Liz Gillies said.

How it works

Initially, Fellows will embark on 6 months of mentorship – working with experts within the MedTech Actuator focusing on both technology and personal development. 

During the second 6-month phase, Fellows will take part in a tailored version of our flagship, industry-led accelerator. They’ll learn how to navigate key inflection moments in the commercialisation journey, from developing regulatory and reimbursement strategies to product development, approaching investors and building a team. Importantly, they’ll learn with – and from – other MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech founders from across Asia Pacific.


To be eligible researchers must be working in a senior position in areas of health, medical or biotechnology research at an Australian university or institution. Applicants must also have 15+ years of experience across research and scientific positions.

Fellows must have employer approval to be absent for:

  • Approx. 10 hrs during the first 6-month phase 2022 (Jan – June, 2022).
  • Approx. 2-3 days per month during the second 6-month phase (July – Dec, 2022).
The MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship can be undertaken while working.

Key dates

  • September 6 – October 15, 2021: MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship applications open
  • November 11, 2021: MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship selection interviews
  • July – December 2022: MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech accelerator – sessions on commercialisation (first week of every month)
  • December, 2022: Wrap up of the Fellowship

The MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship is supported by the Menzies Foundation as part of their Entrepreneurship in Science mission in partnership with the MedTech Actuator.

Apply now

If you are a career researcher or if you know someone who might be interested, find out more about the Fellowship and transform your research potential today!

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MedTech Actuator Origin is back – apply today!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a MedTech, BioTech or HealthTech startup idea? Apply now for the 2021 MedTech Actuator Origin!

All superheroes have a beginning and so do startup founders. Transform your idea or research with MedTech Actuator Origin – a two month early-stage entrepreneurship competition that will help you translate your concept into an impact orientated health venture.

Whether you’re a researcher, scientist, clinician, student or garage inventor, MedTech Actuator Origin is looking for passionate entrepreneurs to transform healthcare. Apply today!

The MedTech Actuator Origin experience

Delivered in-person and online, MedTech Actuator Origin is open to Australian health entrepreneurs and will run from October to December 2021. Our experts will pressure test your idea and expose you to the world of startups through:

  • Workshops – gain insight into what it takes to protect your idea and learn how to craft a prize-winning pitch.
  • Rapid Fire Round – pitch your concept to a panel of industry leaders and peers, putting your idea and pitching skills to the test.
  • Mentoring – receive tailored mentorship from industry experts who will help you bring your MedTech, BioTech or HealthTech innovation to market.
  • Access to the MedTech Actuator knowledge hub – commercialisation 101 curated content for researchers and medical professionals turned entrepreneurs.
  • Sprint Intensive – access a 3-day sprint intensive where you’ll dive into the world of entrepreneurship and commercialisation, including workshops, founder stories, panel discussions, activities, and heaps more!
  • Pitch Competition – bring together all your ideas in a short, 3-minute pitch to a select panel of judges to earn one of three places at the MedTech Actuator Showcase, a $15k cash prize and over $5k worth of in-kind prizes.
  • MedTech Actuator Showcase – pitch your idea to the ecosystem at the MedTech Actuator Showcase, a black-tie gala event for investors, industry-leaders, corporate partners and global MedTech companies.

The Origin winner will take home $15k in cash and have the opportunity to be fast-tracked through the application process for the MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech accelerator – moving your product even closer to market.

Meet Amy Yu – MedTech Actuator Origin alumna

Photo of Amy Yu in MedTech Actuator superhero tee, Melbourne lane way by night.
Amy Yu, MedTech Actuator Origin alumna & Ventora Medical CTO.

“Ventora Medical spun out of the BioDesign Innovation program at the University of Melbourne. As soon as we graduated in 2018, we entered MedTech Actuator Origin. For Ventora, MedTech Actuator Origin really was the first point of validation from the MedTech entrepreneurial community in Melbourne. We were lucky enough to get through each round and be selected as a top five finalist.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and MedTech Actuator Origin taught us just that. At the bootcamps we took that all in, like sponges, and learnt so much from MedTech Actuator. This was backed up by networking with people who helped us achieve all of those unknowns and hit milestones.”

– Amy Yu, MedTech Actuator Origin alumna and Ventora Medical CTO, Forbes 30 Under 30

Key dates

  • Applications open: 6 Aug – 30 Sep
  • Finalists announced: 1 Oct
  • Online MedTech Actuator Origin Workshops: 7 Oct
  • Rapid Fire Round Pitch: 21 Oct
  • Mentoring and Sprint Intensive preparation: 22 Oct – 15 Nov
  • Sprint Intensive: 15 Nov – 17 Nov
  • Semi-finals Pitch: 17 Nov
  • MedTech Actuator Showcase and Finals Pitch: 9 Dec

Apply now

Are you ready to transform your idea and build your origin story – or do you know someone who is? Find out more about MedTech Actuator Origin and apply today.