Harnessing telehealth to power a connected global health ecosystem

MedTech Actuator startup Neev Tech Labs is transforming how patients around the world experience and access healthcare through telehealth innovation

The Neev Tech Labs virtual care platform, Connect2MyDoctor is powering a connected global health ecosystem – supporting the response to challenges including delivering healthcare while preventing the spread of COVID19, and rising chronic illness.

Connect2MyDoctor is a HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certified virtual care platform that enables healthcare providers to deliver care in efficient and patient-centric ways. The comprehensive platform spans on-demand care; consults between rural hospitals and large tertiary care centres; care for in-patients in isolation and regular care; home care; and remote patient monitoring including medical device integration to capture real-time data.

The idea for Connect2MyDoctor was sparked in 2012 when, soon after moving with his family from Dubai to Australia, the daughter of Neev Tech Labs CEO Pramod Kutty needed to see a medical specialist.

“We were not used to the long wait period and tried to find help in the meantime through Dr Google and doctors overseas to understand more about the problem. I thought, there should be a better way to do this,” says Pramod.

This experience and Pramod’s subsequent market research led him to launch Connect2MyDoctor in 2016. Neev Tech Labs is now headquartered in Melbourne and has teams in India, Dubai, and Bahrain, along with a growing network of advisors.

Healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance companies and corporates around the world are turning to Connect2MyDoctor in growing numbers to improve and save the lives of individual patients and to create systems-wide change. The virtual care platform is deployed in 35+ multi- and super-speciality hospitals in India, the Middle East, Turkey, Azerbaijan and others. There are currently 2,000+ doctors across 50+ specialisations on the platform, supporting patients in 15+ countries. Connect2MyDoctor will soon open an office in Dubai and will also expand into the African subcontinent.

In a reflection of the difference the platform is making, Connect2MyDoctor was selected as the preferred telehealth platform of a leading healthcare association in India. This has opened access to a member base of 10,000+ hospitals. Connect2MyDoctor has also launched work with the Federal Authority of Human Resources, UAE and their mental health partner to provide 300,000+ employees and their families with access to mental health specialists from the comfort of their homes.

Neev Tech Labs was recently accepted into Hatch Quarter’s MENA Bridge for Startups global bridge program – designed to give exceptional Australian companies the tools and connections to enter and succeed in the booming Middle East and North Africa “MENA” markets.

Connect2MyDoctor wins Micro Business Award

Connect2MyDoctor wins Micro Business Award at India-Australia Business and Community Awards 2022. The annual IABCA Awards initiative looks to strengthen and celebrate the organisations, social enterprises and business leaders from across the globe who are advancing the India-Australia relationship.

Connect2MyDoctor wins Micro Business Award at India-Australia Business and Community Awards 2022. Photo credits: IABCA

“We feel privileged and honoured to have won this prestigious recognition from IABCA. It is a testament to the ground-breaking work we have done in the area of telemedicine and virtual healthcare. The importance of online healthcare has grown significantly during the pandemic and we are happy to have contributed our bit by enabling high-quality virtual healthcare access for the needy. In our next phase, we focus to deploy our new modules – cARe – 3D/AR module for patient education, OmniROM for remote rehabilitation, HomeDoc our home care module with Remote patient monitoring globally. As the preferred telehealth partner of the Association of Health Providers of India (AHPI), which has over 10,000 hospitals in its network, we are looking to further expand our horizons and address the health requirements of the patients in a virtual and efficient manner.” Says Pramod Kutty, Co-Founder and CEO of Connect2MyDoctor.

The MedTech ActuatorTM is proud to support Neev Tech Labs on their journey. The company joined the MedTech Actuator in 2019 to support market validation of Connect2MyDoctor; to connect with global industry and mentorship; to be guided through commercialisation models and capital raising.

“The MedTech Actuator helped us validate our business models and opened doors,” says Pramod.

“For any MedTech startup, the MedTech Actuator is the perfect kickstart for access to teams, industry leaders, mentors and pre-seed funding.”

Follow the journey of Connect2MyDoctor and learn more about the platform in this Economic Times story by Pramod Kutty.

Lenexa Medical Technology Listed on ARTG

Lenexa Medical’s world-first technology to enable personalised pressure injury prevention has been listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods – and has the potential to save Australia’s health system billions every year. 

Personalised, targeted pressure injury prevention.

Lenexa Medical has worked tirelessly for years to develop and test their technology that detects and monitors patient position and pressure to guide clinicians in preventing pressure injuries. Now, with newly announced regulatory approval from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG),  Lenexa Medical can begin supplying their life-changing technology to Australian healthcare providers. 

“Lenexa Medical’s technology is the first of its kind to facilitate personalised and targeted pressure injury prevention.” –Ajit Ravindran, CEO, Lenexa Medical 

“It provides clinicians and carers with vital information to reduce the incidence of pressure injuries,” said Ajit.

Harnessing the power of in-built sensors and smart software, the Lenexa Medical Quality-of-Care Pressure Injury Management System provides clinicians and carers with targeted real-time information to inform decisions, care and treatment. 

The non-subjective information guides clinicians and carers in correctly positioning patients to prevent pressure injuries. Crucially, the technology also indicates when and where the risk of pressure injury is likely to develop.

Lenexa Medical’s launch to the Australian market is a vital step towards improving the quality of patient care and life outcomes, and towards reducing the cost burden of pressure injuries on Australia’s healthcare system.

The initial rollout of the Lenexa Medical Quality-of-Care Pressure Injury Management System to Australian healthcare providers is expected in 2022. 

What are pressure injuries?

Lenexa Medical’s ARTG listing is an important step towards preventing pressure injuries (or bedsores) and their often devastating consequences. Pressure injuries are ulcers caused by pressure to the skin over a prolonged period of time and can develop in as little as two to three hours.  

Many patients in ICUs, surgeries, long-stay wards, and frail adults in aged-care are at risk of developing pressure injuries.

Anyone who is bedridden, immobile in a chair or wheelchair, wearing a cast, unconscious or unable to sense pain can quickly develop pressure injuries. And those with circulation problems, diabetes, or poor nutrition are at higher risk.

Pressure injuries impact life outcomes.

Pressure injuries are often very slow to heal and can extend into a patient’s bones, muscles, tendons and joints. 

Pressure injuries can take weeks, months or even years to heal.

The healing process can be influenced by the patient’s physical condition, and presence of other diseases such as diabetes. Sometimes the patient may even need surgery to help them to heal. Research shows that patients who acquire pressure injuries can experience longer stays in hospital, and can lose healthy life years.

Pressure injuries cost Australia billions every year.

Recent research published in The International Journal of Nursing Studies revealed the huge cost burden of pressure injuries.

The total cost of pressure injuries in Australian public hospitals in 2020 was approximately $9.11 billion. 

Hospital-acquired pressure injuries accounted for over half of this total cost – $5.50 billion. And $3.59 billion was used to treat pressure injuries.

Reducing hospital-acquired pressure injuries by just 50 per cent, with the help of Lenexa Medical’s technology, would result in saving Australia’s hospitals $1.10 billion in treatment costs.

Pressure injury prevention is key.

Despite the prevalence and impact on the lives of patients, and cost burden on Australia’s health system, pressure injuries are mostly preventable. And this is where Lenexa Medical’s technology can bring about much needed change.

The challenge in preventing pressure injuries currently lies in delivering the right care, detection, and treatment methods – all at the right time. 

Current methods are subjective and often inaccurate. As a result, early-stage pressure injuries develop easily, can be easy to miss, and are difficult to treat. But this is set to change with Lenexa Medical’s Australian rollout.

With ARTG regulatory approval, Lenexa Medical will place targeted, personalised pressure injury prevention and care in reach of Australia’s health and aged care systems. And this is news to celebrate – for individual patients and for Australia’s healthcare system.

Lenexa Medical x MedTech Actuator

The Lenexa Medical team joined the MedTech Actuator Accelerator in 2018 to take their pressure injury prevention concept to prototype stage, and to secure development funding. The team collaborated with accelerator program mentors to shape their go-to-market strategy. 

Here’s what Lenexa Medical Chief Scientific Officer Will Yang had to say about the experience of being a part of the program, and fusing his biomedical engineering and research expertise with entrepreneurship:

“As a researcher, I saw that the pace of research can be slow. We had great ideas and wanted to run but were pulled back by factors like grant applications, limited funds and publishing. At the time, I thought that this pace was just normal. 

But when I did the BioDesign Innovation Course at the University of Melbourne and subsequently got into the MedTech Actuator Accelerator, I understood how industry and commercialisation can accelerate the transformation of research into something that is tangible and that has an effect on people that need it.

I saw how fast it can be when you have inputs from the clinical, research and business sides and from a support network like the MedTech Actuator’s – guiding you on the connections you need to get to point B. It’s really about finding the right people who can help get you there.” 

Will Yang, Chief Scientific Officer, Lenexa Medical 

Learn more about Lenexa Medical. 

HatiSens – Faster Heart Attack Detection to Guide Treatment

MedTech Actuator Accelerator startup HatiSens is developing a point-of-care device that can accurately and rapidly diagnose heart attacks to guide clinical treatment.

HatiSens is based on Co-Founder Siew Joo Beh’s PhD – currently underway at the Integrated Photonics and Application Centre (InPAC) lab at RMIT University. Siew began developing the technology with Co-Founder Dr César Sanchez Huertas in 2018.

The HatiSens team consists of researchers and clinicians who worked closely together prior to the birth of the startup, bringing a great synergy to the team. Siew sees this synergy as a strength, along with their multidisciplinary expertise in photonic and microfluidic technology, biochemistry and clinical cardiology. 

Fusing Research With Entrepreneurship.

“We see an opportunity for our technology to make an impact in the field of emergency diagnostic testing,” says Siew. “Heart attacks in particular require quick and precise diagnosis to ensure patients receive the right treatment immediately.”

Siew and César are driven to translate their research into a clinical product that revolutionises how heart attacks are diagnosed.

The MedTech Actuator Accelerator – and MedTech Actuator Origin pitch competition – has supported Siew in fusing her research background with entrepreneurship to bring this ambition closer to reality.

“When we were first accepted into the MedTech Actuator Accelerator, I found it quite difficult to put away my ‘researcher’ hat and put on my ‘entrepreneur’ hat,” says Siew. But seeing the potential for impact, Siew has been tenacious in honing her entrepreneurship expertise.

Knowing Your Audience.

Through the MedTech Actuator Accelerator and Origin, Siew has learned how to adapt her communication style to different audiences – many of whom were new to her as a researcher.

“I found investors struggled quite a bit when I used technical terms in my early pitches,” Siew says.

“Every time I pitched, I would have a hypothesis in my head, test it out, observe the audience’s reaction and feedback, and reflect on this afterwards with my team.”

Siew says that this experimental, iterative approach has become a mantra for the HatiSens team, inspired by Co-Founder Arnan Mitchell – to always have a hypothesis and expected outcome in your mind before you attempt anything, and test it out.

“Over the last few months, I found myself easing into pitching and becoming a better communicator than I was when I first started.”

Her advice to emerging entrepreneurs is to always have a pitch ready to go, and to practice communicating in a way that is easy for your audience to understand.

“Always be ready to pitch. You never know when a potential investor is around the corner.” 

“My philosophy is that if my Mum is able to understand what I am doing, then someone else will be able to understand what I am doing,” says Siew.

As well as communicating in new ways, Siew has learned how to keep a laser focus on advancing the company. For example, as a researcher, Siew is always excited to share the technical side of research with peers. 

“But I quickly learned that technologies are best kept secret unless an NDA is signed.”

Building A MedTech Startup.

Siew joined the MedTech Actuator Accelerator in 2021 to investigate product-market fit in a very competitive space, and to ultimately translate her research into a commercial product.

“Since we first incorporated as a company through the MedTech Actuator Accelerator, we have identified our key target market within Australia, successfully raised pre-seed funding, established our brand identity and the first mockup of our point-of-care device, as well as strategised our path to market,” says Siew.

“The MedTech Actuator Accelerator gave us the knowledge, skills and resources to grow our company beyond the pre-seed stage. We entered the accelerator as naïve researchers – and by the end of our first six months we had developed specialist expertise in running a MedTech startup.”

Photo of HatiSens Co-Founder Siew Joo Beh

It Takes A Village.

Siew is grateful to Dr Elane Zelcer, who she says has been a kind and resourceful mentor since day one.

“Elane checks-in with us every month and gives us advice on how to navigate through the MedTech ecosystem,” says Siew.

“We would also like to thank the MedTech Actuator team and 2021 accelerator cohort who have supported us through a pretty stressful year – especially with the lockdown in Melbourne.”

Siew highly recommends the MedTech Actuator Accelerator to any emerging MedTech, HealthTech or BioTech entrepreneurs, saying that it has helped the HatiSens team to understand what their startup should focus on. 

“The MedTech Actuator Accelerator has helped us to identify and mitigate risks along the way, providing far greater value for investors.”

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More on HatiSens

Learn more about HatiSens and follow their journey at www.hatisens.com.au.

The MedTech Actuator Accelerator is supported by LaunchVic and the REDI Initiative, powered by MTPConnect.

GenEmbryomics sequences the genomes of IVF embryos

MedTech Actuator startup GenEmbryomics offers an innovative new technique for IVF patients to screen for every known genetic disease before pregnancy.

“We are the first to develop and offer as a service IVF embryo genome sequencing and screening for every genetic disease,” says Nick Murphy, GenEmbryomics Founder and CEO.

Nick and team became aware of patients undergoing their long and arduous IVF journey, then discovering that their baby had a genetic disease. 

“We knew that we could pick up these genetic diseases using our genome sequencing technique,” says Nick.

Current tests available to patients are comparable in cost to GenEmbryomics. However they are limited in scope of genetic diseases that they identify, while GenEmbryomics enables patients to screen for every known genetic disease.

“The GenEmbryomics technique of sequencing and screening the entire genome out-performs the currently used tests,” says Nick. 

“GenEmbryomics provides IVF patients with peace-of-mind that they can have children without the burden of genetic disease.”

Photo of baby sleeping.
Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash.

MedTech Actuator Accelerator x GenEmbryomics

The MedTech Actuator’s specialised acceleration model surrounds startups with the ecosystem support they need to bring their MedTech, HealthTech or BioTech innovation to the patients and clinicians who need it most.

Through the MedTech Actuator Accelerator’s intensive mentorship, industry collaboration, up to AUD$200K initial capital injection and capital raising support, founders can achieve in 12 months what can typically take 3 years or more.

GenEmbryomics is based in Melbourne and joined MedTech Actuator in 2021 to develop a market ready company by the end of the program.

“With MedTech Actuator’s knowledge and experience we’ve been shaped to make this achievement realisable,” says Nick.

A major milestone for GenEmbryomics was connecting with keen investors.

“MedTech Actuator prepares companies to take on investment – we were ready to engage when investment discussions began.” 

Nick notes that MedTech, BioTech and HealthTech startups require an array of specialist skills and resources.

“The MedTech Actuator Accelerator is comprehensive and helped GenEmbryomics to develop in the specialist areas we needed. This support was crucial in preparing us for the reality of the life sciences industry.”

Nick would not hesitate in recommending the MedTech Actuator Accelerator to MedTech, BioTech and HealthTech startups with a prototype or proof-of-concept.

“The MedTech Actuator Accelerator has been a fundamental contributor to our progress and traction. They always go the extra 100 miles – and are wonderful people!”

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The MedTech Actuator Accelerator is supported by LaunchVic and the REDI Initiative, powered by MTPConnect.

Feature photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash.

Supporting people with limb loss through VRx

MedTech Actuator Accelerator startup Virtetic is developing game-based virtual reality digital therapeutics (VRx) for people living with limb loss. 

Driven by a passion to help others live their best lives, Virtetic supports people to transition to life with a prosthesis and regain their function and independence faster.

“Virtetic started in our research lab, where we needed a way to evaluate how people move when learning to use a prosthesis,” says Ricardo Garcia-Rosas, Virtetic Co-founder & CEO.

To solve this need, Virtetic created a virtual reality platform to support their research. 

“As we used this platform, with the help of our clinical advisors we discovered great clinical applications for it to support the rehabilitation process of people living with limb loss,” says Ricardo. 

Virtetic X MedTech Actuator

Virtetic joined the MedTech Actuator Accelerator in 2021 to build their understanding of medical technology commercialisation and to develop a plan to do this for their technology.

The program’s specialised acceleration model surrounds startups with the ecosystem support they need to bring their MedTech, HealthTech or BioTech innovation to the patients and clinicians who need it most. Through intensive mentorship, industry collaboration, up to AUD$200K initial capital injection and capital raising support, founders can achieve in 12 months what can typically take 3 years or more.

“The MedTech Actuator Accelerator helped us to develop our go-to-market strategy, file a provisional patent application, and sign a collaboration agreement with the largest prosthetics manufacturer,” says Ricardo.

Ricardo says that the MedTech Actuator Accelerator’s network of industry experts has been a great support and recommends the program to those commercialising a medical technology for the first time.

“The MedTech Actuator Accelerator provides you with a framework to develop your strategy – and access to the network to put it to action.”

Photo of the Virtetic team.
The Virtetic team.

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The MedTech Actuator Accelerator is supported by LaunchVic and the REDI Initiative, powered by MTPConnect.

Nutromics accelerates path to precision medicine.

Award-winning Melbourne-based startup Nutromics is revolutionising precision medicine and recently bolstered funding to $10M total.

The Nutromics smart wearable patch puts personalised, real-time molecular information within easy reach of clinicians, leading to better patient outcomes and a reduced cost burden on healthcare systems.

The Nutromics biosensor technology is integrated into a small, unobtrusive smart patch worn by the patient. The wearable continuously monitors the patient’s molecular information. This information is wirelessly transmitted to a flexible software application that easily integrates with consumer health software and hospital platforms.

A patch for every patient.

Nutromics’ market vision is a ‘patch for every patient’, with benefits including:

  • tracking molecular vital signs – enabling timely and informed triaging and clinical decisions
  • therapeutic drug monitoring – enabling accurate dosing of life-saving medication
  • remote patient monitoring – enabling recovery at home whilst receiving hospital-level monitoring and advice.

Traction is growing fast. Nutromics has developed an initial market of therapeutic drug monitoring for the antibiotic vancomycin, dosed to over 6 million patients in the US every year. 

It is challenging for clinicians to pinpoint the precise vancomycin dose required for individual patients, with 60% of doses outside the therapeutic range. 

Consequently, 10-20% of patients receive a toxic dose. This can result in Acute Kidney Injury – akin to a heart attack for your kidneys. 

Beyond a high frequency of toxic doses, underdosing vancomycin can lead to other complications. This includes longer recovery times; illness complications from ineffective antibiotic treatment; and development of antimicrobial resistance. 

But the Nutromics smart patch is set to put accurate dosing in easy reach with personalised, real-time molecular information.

Tracing Nutromics’ success trajectory.

Photo of Nutromics Head of Product Robert Crowder delivering a workshop.
Nutromics Head of Product Robert Crowder delivers a workshop.


Nutromics was established in 2017 by Hitesh Mehta and Peter Vranes. The co-founders first developed the idea for their technology in the MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech accelerator.


Between 2018 and 2020, Nutromics secured multi-million-dollar funding through grants from the Cooperative Research Centres Project and Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre, and investments from venture capital firms Artesian and CP Ventures


Major wins in 2021 for Nutromics included: 

  • raising $5.7M in funding, bringing total funding to $10M
  • being awarded a top 5 finalist in MedTech Innovator, out of 1100 companies from over 54 countries 
  • winning ‘Technology Platform Solution of the Year’ at the 2021 National iAwards, among other finalists including Rio Tinto, Orica, and HCL
  • winning ‘Chief Judge Innovation Award’ at the 2021 Victorian iAwards 
  • increasing their team from 8 in February 2021, to 20 employees as of December 2021.


Nutromics is currently conducting research and development for their proof-of-concept device in collaboration with RMIT University, the University of New South Wales, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, University of California, Santa Barbara, and University of California, San Diego

How MedTech Actuator supported Nutromics.

Photo of Nutromics Co-Founders Peter Vranes and Hitesh Mehta delivering a pitch.
Nutromics Co-Founders Peter Vranes and Hitesh Mehta deliver a pitch.

The MedTech Actuator’s specialised acceleration model surrounds startups with the ecosystem support they need to bring their MedTech, HealthTech or BioTech innovation to the patients and clinicians who need it most.

Through MedTech Actuator’s intensive mentorship, industry collaboration, up to AUD$200K initial capital injection and capital raising support, founders can achieve in 12 months what can typically take 3 years or more.

Nutromics Co-Founders Hitesh Mehta and Peter Vranes say that the MedTech Actuator has been integral to the company’s growth.

“It was in the MedTech Actuator that Peter and I fleshed out the idea for Nutromics and we received funding to explore opportunities,” says Hitesh.

Peter agrees, saying that the MedTech Actuator ecosystem has built the company’s profile immensely.

“Being a part of the MedTech Actuator has strengthened our strategy and boosted our achievements – and CEO Dr Buzz Palmer still offers his time, advice, and network to support us,” says Peter.

Learn more about Nutromics and follow their journey at www.nutromics.com.au.

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Radetec Diagnostics develops fast COVID19 test

With assistance from the Additive Manufacturing Hub at AMTIL, MedTech Actuator startup Radetec Diagnostics has developed an innovative device to facilitate fast and inexpensive testing of various infectious diseases – including COVID19.

Melbourne-based Radetec Diagnostics is a bio-nanotechnology company dedicated to developing a world-leading “platform technology” based on quantum dots – advanced luminescent nanoparticles that can be used as labels for imaging and sensing applications.

This has a wide range of clinical applications, particularly in the field of point-of-care rapid diagnostics, portable in-vitro diagnostic (IVDs) devices that are used for fast and inexpensive testing of various infectious diseases such as COVID19, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or even cancer and Parkinson’s disease biomarkers.

The Additive Manufacturing Hub recently supported Radetec in developing the reader just in time for the roll-out of its first product – a COVID19 antigen point-of-care rapid test. The support allowed for a timely delivery of the entire set of diagnostics devices (reader and test strip) to US-based distribution partners for immediate live trial and evaluation.

Read more about Radetec’s game-changing technology in this recent case study from the Additive Manufacturing Hub.

Radetec has now opened equity financing to accelerate the execution of their go-to-market strategy.

The company is now:

  • revenue positive – through ancillary product sales
  • trialling their COVID19 point-of-care test in Indian hospitals, with regulatory approval underway
  • trialling their COVID19 point-of-care test in US hospitals, and working closely with a US distributor
  • developing a chlamydia point-of-care test – with the prototype ready by the end of 2021
  • building a product pipeline – with a suite of products at various stages of development.

To express interest in becoming a Radetec Diagnostics investor, reach out to Lee Xie – Radetec Commercial Director at l.xie[@]radetecdiagnostics.com.

Founders powering the next wave of health innovation.

Congratulations to founders on recently completing MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech catalyst.

We are proud to support our fifth cohort in radically accelerating their medical, health or biological technology prototype or proof-of-concept to improve and save lives.

Thank you so much to every founder for being a part of the industry-led MedTech Actuator. We are delighted to have you on board in the MedTech Actuator™ innovation ecosystem for life and can’t wait to see where your journey takes you next.

Congratulations to our new MedTech Actuator alumni

Congratulations to all cohort five founders and teams including:

  • Beta Medtech – Edison Bellarmin, Thomas Ooi | Smart patch for the detection and monitoring of pressure ulcers.
  • ChezLeon – Cheryl Pollock | Passive massage wear for treatment of lymphoedema as a side effect of cancer treatment.
  • CPAP Buddy by Tasmanian Medical Innovations – Kathleen Lim, Lachlann McLeod, Cameron Keating, Peter Dargaville, Andrew Marshall | A continuous monitoring system that makes breathing support safer for preterm infants.
  • Diag-Nose Medical – Eldin Rostom, David Yen, Brian Wang, Josie Xu | Non-invasive diagnostics for better rhinology treatments.
  • EloCare – Mabel Nguyen, Fandi Peng | Innovating in the internet of medical things and AI technology to help people live longer and age gracefully.
  • Gabriel – Maria Crews, Nick Crews | Making it possible for seniors to live better for longer.
  • HiCura Medical – Cailin Ng, Yusong Leng | AI technology reducing risks and discomfort for patients during childbirth.
  • Medicsen | Needle-free smart patch for painless drug delivery.
  • Onward Health Research – Martin Lim | A digital health platform enabling world-class clinical research in emerging markets.
  • PhysiPal – Aaya Hakeem, Ahmed Hakeem | A device and app combination that allows patients to take charge of their physiotherapy rehabilitation at home.
  • Recovery App – Allan Molloy, Myles Coolican, Tony Nicol | Digital health platform to optimise outcomes and reduce costs associated with major orthopaedic surgery.
  • Repli-med – Zoe Keon-Cohen, Thomas Sutton | 3D printed models to train and help prepare surgeons and anaesthetists for eye and spine procedures.
  • TuCann – Maryam Soomro, Kenneth Wong, Santiago Beltran Diaz | Cannula solution, simplifying the cannulation process and decreasing likelihood of infection

Where to from here?

Founders can now tap into MedTech Actuator’s unrivalled network – including 85 partners and 75 mentors from some of the largest names in health innovation spanning multi-national corporations, hospitals and clinicians, investor groups and VCs, professional service partners, universities and research institutions, and product development firms.

They join an alumni network of the brightest emerging startups from across Asia Pacific, and our networks are their networks as they scale up, prepare for exit and beyond.

About MedTech Actuator

The MedTech Actuator’s specialised acceleration model surrounds startups with the ecosystem support they need to bring their MedTech, HealthTech or BioTech innovation to the patients and clinicians who need it most.

Through MedTech Actuator’s intensive mentorship, industry collaboration, up to AUD$200K initial capital injection and capital raising support, the founders can achieve in 15 months what can typically take 3 years or more.

Embedded in the MedTech Actuator™ ecosystem, founders radically advance their technology development, raise seed capital, and build critical business and management skills. They become primed and ready to grow their venture even further – including raising series A funding, commencing clinical trials, gaining regulatory approvals, and moving to at-scale manufacturing, and market launch.

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EloCare: Helping people age gracefully with IoMT technology.

MedTech Actuator startup EloCare Pte Ltd is innovating in the internet of medical things (IoMT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop connected and smart healthcare devices that help people live longer and age gracefully.

Dr Mabel Yen Ngoc Nguyen and Fandi Peng founded Singapore-based EloCare, bringing their strong medical research, engineering, and entrepreneurial backgrounds to the company – with a focus on chronic and aging care.

Mabel and Fandi discovered that there was no reliable tool to detect and monitor over 35 menopausal symptoms, and went on to build the first menopause tracker. The wearable and accompanying mobile app can serve as a personalised healthcare assistant to help women make more informed decisions, with the support of their physician, about how to manage menopause. Easy to use and secure, the solution monitors symptoms through biomarkers and self-assessments, and interprets this data to provide lifestyle and medical suggestions. The team is working closely with researchers and clinicians to develop this solution.

“Throughout the R&D process, we uncovered more healthcare problems in aging and chronic care that can be addressed with our IoMT infrastructure. We are now working with our clinical partners to deliver better care,” says Mabel, EloCare CEO and Co-Founder.

EloCare recently won the Open Innovation Challenge 2020 for Industry Track, delivered by Enterprise Singapore in partnership with five of Singapore’s leading healthcare providers. The award opens more opportunities for EloCare to co-develop, test, and deploy solutions using their IoMT infrastructure with healthcare providers.


MedTech Actuator x Elocare

Starting with an idea, preliminary research, and a raw prototype the team joined Asia Pacific’s MedTech catalyst MedTech Actuator in 2020 to develop their prototype and go-to-market, IP, and regulatory strategies – and to connect with industry experts and potential investors.

“The MedTech Actuator has a strong local and international support network that spans government, product development, corporate, clinical, research, investor, and VC partners,” says Mabel.

Being embedded in this ecosystem gave EloCare brand advantages and opportunities to connect with strategic partners and investors. The MedTech Actuator has helped EloCare to connect with the right individuals for feedback and advice in the health innovation ecosystem, and the founding team would not hesitate to recommend the program to emerging founders.

“Navigating a startup in the MedTech space has unique challenges with a longer time horizon compared to a typical startup. Being in the right network and getting professional support early from MedTech Actuator can help startups avoid costly lessons down the road and tap into many opportunities to connect with strategic partners and investors.”

Mabel says the team was fortunate to have Johannes Mang as a mentor to guide them during the program and refine company strategies.

“Johannes is very experienced in the different stages of a startup journey and willing to put himself in our shoes to work through problems and share his insights,” says Mabel.

Photo of road at dusk, pink sky, street lights, empty road in one lane, car light streak through lane travelling opposite direction.

EloCare tips for early-stage MedTech entrepreneurs

Mabel notes that early-stage startups share a common challenge to develop a clear vision of what can be achieved in the short-term and long-term.

“Founders can be ambitious in their startup vision to create a disruptive solution. However being an early-stage startup with time and resource constraints, it is important to have a balance of ambition and pragmatism and to be flexible with goals,” says Mabel.

Mabel recommends ensuring the long-term vision can be broken down into attainable and profitable milestones. She says that it is also important to maintain focus and ambition – always working towards creating impact and developing a competitive advantage.

“Within the EloCare team, we as founders have intense discussions about our mission and plans for the company every time that we assess our progress and challenges. While it is not an easy discussion, it is essential for the life and growth of the company,” says Mabel.

Mabel believes that founders and early team members need to remain resilient and passionate to overcome constant uncertainties and challenges in building a startup.

“Most people will tell you why an idea doesn’t work, and most of the time, they are right. But it is more important to think about how to make something work,” says Mabel.

“Be open-minded enough to accept if a solution or an idea doesn’t work in the end – but only after putting 100% effort into trying to make it work first. On another note, make sure you ask for feedback from the right audience!”

Learn more about EloCare.

Photos by Anton Maksimov juvnsky and Jack B on Unsplash

MedTech Actuator Origin is back – apply today!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a MedTech, BioTech or HealthTech startup idea? Apply now for the 2021 MedTech Actuator Origin!

All superheroes have a beginning and so do startup founders. Transform your idea or research with MedTech Actuator Origin – a two month early-stage entrepreneurship competition that will help you translate your concept into an impact orientated health venture.

Whether you’re a researcher, scientist, clinician, student or garage inventor, MedTech Actuator Origin is looking for passionate entrepreneurs to transform healthcare. Apply today!

The MedTech Actuator Origin experience

Delivered in-person and online, MedTech Actuator Origin is open to Australian health entrepreneurs and will run from October to December 2021. Our experts will pressure test your idea and expose you to the world of startups through:

  • Workshops – gain insight into what it takes to protect your idea and learn how to craft a prize-winning pitch.
  • Rapid Fire Round – pitch your concept to a panel of industry leaders and peers, putting your idea and pitching skills to the test.
  • Mentoring – receive tailored mentorship from industry experts who will help you bring your MedTech, BioTech or HealthTech innovation to market.
  • Access to the MedTech Actuator knowledge hub – commercialisation 101 curated content for researchers and medical professionals turned entrepreneurs.
  • Sprint Intensive – access a 3-day sprint intensive where you’ll dive into the world of entrepreneurship and commercialisation, including workshops, founder stories, panel discussions, activities, and heaps more!
  • Pitch Competition – bring together all your ideas in a short, 3-minute pitch to a select panel of judges to earn one of three places at the MedTech Actuator Showcase, a $15k cash prize and over $5k worth of in-kind prizes.
  • MedTech Actuator Showcase – pitch your idea to the ecosystem at the MedTech Actuator Showcase, a black-tie gala event for investors, industry-leaders, corporate partners and global MedTech companies.

The Origin winner will take home $15k in cash and have the opportunity to be fast-tracked through the application process for the MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech accelerator – moving your product even closer to market.

Meet Amy Yu – MedTech Actuator Origin alumna

Photo of Amy Yu in MedTech Actuator superhero tee, Melbourne lane way by night.
Amy Yu, MedTech Actuator Origin alumna & Ventora Medical CTO.

“Ventora Medical spun out of the BioDesign Innovation program at the University of Melbourne. As soon as we graduated in 2018, we entered MedTech Actuator Origin. For Ventora, MedTech Actuator Origin really was the first point of validation from the MedTech entrepreneurial community in Melbourne. We were lucky enough to get through each round and be selected as a top five finalist.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and MedTech Actuator Origin taught us just that. At the bootcamps we took that all in, like sponges, and learnt so much from MedTech Actuator. This was backed up by networking with people who helped us achieve all of those unknowns and hit milestones.”

– Amy Yu, MedTech Actuator Origin alumna and Ventora Medical CTO, Forbes 30 Under 30

Key dates

  • Applications open: 6 Aug – 30 Sep
  • Finalists announced: 1 Oct
  • Online MedTech Actuator Origin Workshops: 7 Oct
  • Rapid Fire Round Pitch: 21 Oct
  • Mentoring and Sprint Intensive preparation: 22 Oct – 15 Nov
  • Sprint Intensive: 15 Nov – 17 Nov
  • Semi-finals Pitch: 17 Nov
  • MedTech Actuator Showcase and Finals Pitch: 9 Dec

Apply now

Are you ready to transform your idea and build your origin story – or do you know someone who is? Find out more about MedTech Actuator Origin and apply today.