Oct 27, 2022

Congratulations to the MedTech Actuator Origin 2022 Finalists!

Congratulations to the MedTech Actuator Origin 2022 Finalists!

Out of thirteen impressive startups that made it to the Origin Semi-final, MedTech Actuator is proud to announce four finalists moving forward to pitch at the MedTech Actuator Showcase in December.

After three days of intensive workshops, 10 emerging founders took to the stage to pitch in the 2022 MedTech Actuator Origin Semi-finals. Amongst the Australian founders, three Semi-Finalists from Origin Japan also joined the program in Melbourne, where they learned from industry experts, pressure-tested their innovations, and explored Australia’s startup ecosystem. 

Tackling some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, Finalists are innovating across dental, IVF, itching and endometriosis. Meet the MedTech Actuator Origin 2022 Finalists:


Team members: Liam Murray, Aaron Binns, Anna Dai, Ashwin Ho, Ivy Weng 

AcuDent is developing a medical device to revolutionise the detection of severe gum disease.

AcuDent’s device, the AcuProbe, applies computer vision within the oral environment to more efficiently and accurately conduct the work that current practice burdens the clinician to do manually. The device will ensure that proper diagnosis is achieved to avoid the occurrence of undetected periodontitis, ensuring patients receive the best possible care and dramatically reducing the chances of tooth loosening and tissue degradation – keeping everyone smiling longer.


Team members: Amin Abbas, Nay Minn, Dr Rizwan Jaipurwala, Frederick Lau, Joey Zhou, Steven Wong

ENVI is improving endometriosis imaging by using ultrasound with inbuilt guidance and 3D reconstruction.

ENVI is working on creating a device that can diagnose endometriosis using ultrasound. The device aims to reduce the diagnostic duration for endometriosis. This allows patients to receive an early diagnosis and hence access to early treatment.  Early diagnosis gives patients hope of slowing disease progression and reduces the harmful long-term risks associated with endometriosis, including its association with an increase in cancer risk. It also benefits GPs by reducing multiple patient visits with undifferentiated symptoms, improving the workflow of primary care staff and increasing patient satisfaction. 

Innova IVF

Team members: Dr Fabrizzio Horta, Dr Victor Cadarso, Prof Adrian Neild, Prof Beverley Vollenhoven, A/Prof Sally Catt

Innova IVF is creating simple, affordable chip technology to measure the energy of embryos in real time for IVF treatments.

Innova IVF aims to improve treatments for couples suffering from infertility worldwide. The most critical aspect of IVF treatments relies on the selection of embryos that will lead to a healthy live birth. Thus, the team aims to improve embryo selection by introducing novel non-invasive technology to measure the embryo’s energy in the form of metabolic activity.

Osaka Heat Cool

Team members: Kenzo Ibano, Kiyono Yoshikuni, Toru Sugahara, Kuichi Itoh, Katsunari Sato, Shintaro Izumi 

Osaka Heat Cool helps to tackle the symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis (AD), allergies, and other skin diseases by stopping itchiness using thermal illusion on the skin.

The team is solving the pain caused by itching using thermal illusion on the skin. Using an illusion called the thermal grill illusion, the device provides pain sensation by applying hot and cold sensations simultaneously. This pain sensation does not harm the skin, instead relieves the itch without scratching by nails.

We would like to thank our judges Dr Buzz Palmer, CEO of MedTech Actuator, Lorace Zhang, CEO at Vysum and MedTech Actuator Origin 2021 Winner, Laxmi Pun, Director of Early-stage Investments at Breakthrough Victoria, Shanna Lam, Project Officer at MedTech Actuator, and all community members for attending the MedTech Actuator Origin Semi-final and cheering on startups improving health outcomes.

The MedTech Actuator Origin Final will take place on Thursday, December 1 at the MedTech Actuator Showcase. At the Showcase, teams will have the chance to take home a $10K cash prize, over $5k worth of in-kind support and gain access to fast-tracked entry into MedTech Actuator Accelerator 2023.

What is next?

Preparations are now underway for a night-of-nights celebration at the MedTech Actuator Showcase, where all programs converge and the ecosystem – from across the Asia-Pacific – will come together to applaud the achievements, impact and progress of founders in health innovation. 

The MedTech Actuator Showcase will be held on Thursday, December 1 in Melbourne. If you are interested in purchasing a table or sponsoring a prize for this exclusive event, please reach out to Matthew Frith, Chief Commercial Officer at MedTech Actuator.

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