Jul 15, 2020

MedTech Actuator™ startup Data Dissect signs MOU with CQInsights Inc.

MedTech Actuator™ startup Data Dissect signs MOU with CQInsights Inc.

MedTech Actuator™ startup Data Dissect has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CQInsights Inc, the US-based global frontrunner in the development and implementation of learning health care systems.

Data Dissect makes it possible for clinicians and health researchers to gather detailed information specific to any health condition in a fraction of the time and resources, when compared to current data collection processes.

Managing Partner of CQInsights, Dr Bruce Ramshaw is a world expert in learning health care systems and an advocate for patient-centred medicine.

“We are excited to collaborate with Data Dissect as it allows us to expand our value-based continuous quality improvement model in Australia,” says Dr Ramshaw.

“We have learned that the problem of improving patient outcomes and costs is not unique to the United States. It is a global problem.”

This exciting development allows Australian clinicians and researchers to access the years of experience and expertise that Dr Ramshaw and his partners, Remi Forman and Briana Alvoid-Preston, bring to this pivotal collaboration.

Data Dissect will gain further insight into the use of learning health care systems to improve the patient journey through the hospital systems – an area that Dr Ramshaw has been at the forefront of for many years.

The Adelaide company’s vision is for this collaboration to promote the benefits of value-based clinical quality improvement to healthcare institutions and clinical teams around Australia.

Importantly, the collaboration will enable an amalgamation of resources from each company to provide insights such as data visualisation and analysis for Australian healthcare institutions and clinical teams.

“Data Dissect is pleased to bring the insights and expertise of Dr Bruce Ramshaw to Australian clinicians. Bruce is a leading figure in the learning health care system community and his contribution to the development of this field in Australia is timely,” says Chairman of Data Dissect, Professor Peter Hewett.