How much can I expect to raise after demo day?

After demo day you will be raising a seed round with external investors. The size of the round differs from startup to startup and will depend on the potential that investors see in your company. Typically, MedTech Actuator™ startups raise between $500k and $1M post demo day.

The MedTech Actuator™ will be actively supporting you on your fundraising journey post demo day by helping you with fundraising strategy development, investor outreach activities, preparing you for a series A raise at the end of the 12-month program and through follow-on investment via its seed and later stage funds.

Why does the MedTech Actuator™ take equity in the companies?

The 5% participation fee is what makes our 12-month ‘one of its kind’ program possible. It aligns the MedTech Actuator’s interests with your interests and incentivises us to push harder and go the extra mile for our founders – well beyond the duration of the program.

What are your investment terms and participation fees?

  • We receive a 5% equity stake in your company in exchange for participation in the MedTech Actuator. 

Participants in the MedTech Actuator™ are eligible for up to $200,000 investment in return for up to 20% equity through our seed fund — equating to 1% equity for every $10,000 if this is your first capital raise. For companies that have raised before with sophisticated and/or wholesale investors, MedTech Actuator could match the previous valuation.

Investment is typically split into two tranches. The first tranche of $50,000 happens at the beginning of the program while the second tranche of up to $150,000 is triggered after meeting certain predefined milestones. Investment is optional for accepted startups but we find that most participating teams choose to make use of this opportunity.

The program fee and the seed investment terms are the same for all startups.

Should I reapply if I am told ‘no’?

Yes. Sometimes we say no to companies because they are too early in their journey to extract full value from the MedTech Actuator™ program. Often these companies are good candidates for our early-stage competition, the MedTech Actuator™ Origin. The MedTech Actuator™ Origin will provide you with access to industry mentors and the opportunity to refine your technology and business model. It is free to enter and provides a small cash prize to the winner to further develop their startup. If you’ve continued to develop your company and technology — either within the MedTech Actuator™ Origin or on your own — you should consider reapplying for the MedTech Actuator™.

We have set up these resources to help early-stage companies prepare their applications and learn more about the industry – make sure to check it out!

How do you choose which companies to accept into the MedTech Actuator™?

We focus on team, market, technology, and traction.

  • Team: We look for passionate, well rounded founder teams with strong skills in key areas such as technology, clinical, business and commercialisation that have a unique insight into their market and are high-integrity and inspiring leaders with a focus on execution.
  • Market: We like markets within the MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech sectors that are either large but ripe for disruption or underserved or so radically new they don’t yet exist.
  • Technology: Our specialty is deep tech with a regulated path to market. We look for technologies and products with the potential to create an unfair market advantage and a clear path towards strong, protectable IP.
  • Traction: Ideas matter but execution makes the difference. That is why we like to see evidence of early traction or data points validating your core assumptions such as an early proof of concept and safety data, a robust need validation, or expressions of interest from lead users or customers.

What is the application process?

A summary of the information you’ll need to submit can be found here apply. If your application is shortlisted, our expert panel will begin due diligence on your company, and you’ll hear from us to set up a video interview. The most promising teams will be selected to present to our Investment Advisory Board. Based on the decision of this board and Medtech Actuator’s internal review, you’ll be offered a place in the MedTech Actuator™.

Am I eligible?

Our program is targeted at MedTech, HealthTech, and BioTech startups at TRL 4 and above. Our specialty is deep tech with robust IP and a regulated path to market. Slick apps and user interfaces are great, but what gets us excited are radical new technologies like bionics, diagnostics, implants, instrumentation, robotics, personal preventative medicine, telemedicine, AI and VR that will create a step-change in our healthcare systems and economies.

If you are unsure about eligibility or have any other questions about our program, you can speak to a Program Manager before submitting an application.