Jul 09, 2020

What are your investment terms and participation fees?

What are your investment terms and participation fees?

The MedTech Actuator takes 5% equity for participation in the program through a SAFE.

Startups accepted into the program will have the opportunity to take an initial investment of up to $50,000 from MedTech Actuator. For every $10,000 that MedTech Actuator invests, we will take 1% equity. 

During the program, startups may be offered access to an exclusive funding partner to help launch their first professional capital raise. This is triggered after meeting certain predefined milestones within the program within the first 6-months. Investment is not guaranteed as the partner will conduct its own due diligence to determine which startups are investable under its thesis and mandate. For every $10,000 invested, it will take 1% equity.

The program fee and the seed investment terms are the same for all startups. For companies that have raised before with sophisticated and/or wholesale investors, MedTech Actuator and external funding partner may match the previous valuation.