Feb 13, 2023

InflaMed: Personalised care for chronic inflammation

InflaMed: Personalised care for chronic inflammation

In recent years, there has been a growing focus on the importance of personalised, proactive care for those living with chronic inflammatory conditions. MedTech Actuator startup, InflaMed is at the forefront of this movement, prioritising proactive care using personalised data and insights to guide shared decision-making and improve care for those living with chronic conditions like allergies, eczema, and asthma.

The idea for InflaMed came about when the founders Mari Robert and Alan Robert’s daughter routinely broke out with highly irritating eczema. As parents, Mari and Alan wanted to track the various chemicals she was exposed to,  as well as record her diet to identify any patterns that could be contributing to her eczema flare-ups and triggering inflammation episodes. Using her background as a software developer, Mari created an application to collect and organise this data while providing helpful resources for other parents. Now, InflaMed is expanding to serve a wider community, offering more sophisticated capabilities and ongoing support.

The driving force behind InflaMed is a deep personal understanding of the impact that chronic inflammatory conditions can have on the quality of life. The founders know from experience that a one-size-fits-all approach is not enough and that there is a need to focus on the root causes of these conditions. This is why they are dedicated to creating a platform that prioritises personalised care and encourages collaboration between patients and healthcare providers.

Experiencing over a decade, firsthand, the fluctuating severity of chronic eczema and the contribution it has to a lower quality of life for all of us. Combined with the stress and anxiety you face as a parent, I am fully driven to make this work”, Mari Robert, Founder & CEO, InflaMed.

The founders recognise that the role of clinicians is crucial to the success of the platform, so they have made sure to consult with a range of healthcare providers at every stage of the process. They are thrilled to have recently added several key advisors to their team, including  Dr Ellen Paton (GP), Dr Sonika Tyagi  (Data Science and AI advisor), and Dr Maida Affan (Digital Health Brand Advisor).

InflaMed advises any early-stage startup to first build a strong founding team that can complement skills and share the passion towards the mission. Secondly, it is important to keep the end-users at the centre of everything and to work closely with healthcare providers to ensure the solution is both usable and valuable. Finally, it is important to be flexible and ready to adapt as market conditions and customer needs change, and to keep the “why” in mind at all times, even during tough moments.

Build a strong founding team, have a bold vision with feasible milestones, keep the end user at the centre, be ready to adapt, and always remember your why. MedTech startup life in a highly regulated industry is not for the faint of heart, but a reminder of your purpose can help overcome the challenges”, Mari Robert, Founder & CEO, InflaMed.

InflaMed’s journey with MedTech Actuator

The MedTech Actuator Accelerator is Asia Pacific’s industry-led, investor-backed 12-month venture development program for early-stage MedTech, BioTech and HealthTech startups.

InflaMed joined the MedTech Actuator Accelerator Cohort 7 in 2022 with the mission to elevate awareness and care around chronic inflammation. MedTech Actuator Accelerator gives founders access to dedicated industry mentors, experts-in-residence, investors, key industry leaders, suppliers and government support agencies. 

We joined the MedTech Actuator for access to a clinical network as we knew we needed to make those partnerships in order to elevate the research and care around chronic inflammation”.

Since joining the program, InflaMed achieved some significant milestones. They have incorporated as an investable company, grown their team from just one person to six, and continued usability testing with their iOS app, which serves as an unregulated, self-managed endpoint. Additionally, they have run market validation with over 100 people for B2B expansion and are working closely with the technology partners on B2B architecture design and prototype development. Lastly, they are ready to raise funds in February 2023.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the MedTech Actuator Accelerator is the exposure to the ecosystem of healthcare innovation. InflaMed utilised the Accelerator experience to connect with other startups, investors, potential partners, government personnel, researchers, and clinicians. They were able to access mentorship from experienced individuals in the industry who have made significant contributions to their work. 

  • Ray Yamamoto Hilton, serving as the Technology Advisor, has been a valuable weekly sounding board and has been instrumental in the design of the architecture in collaboration with Google engineers. He will be transitioning to the role of Chief Technical Officer.
  • Dr Ellen Paton has been thorough in her analysis of clinical workflow and has played a crucial role in defining gaps and refining requirements. The team looks forward to continuing their close collaboration with her.
  • The team would also like to acknowledge the valuable contributions of Dr John Knight, who has served as an excellent mentor with extensive experience in clinical product commercialisation. 
  • Dr. Maida Affan has been instrumental in raising brand awareness and improving social media engagement.

InflaMed recommends joining the Accelerator program.

MedTech Actuator can provide access to essential resources and knowledge for starting a company in the Medical and health industries for determined and resilient founders.”


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