Japan 2022

MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech Catalyst – offers founders and startups the opportunity to explore Asia-Pacific’s market to commercialise health innovation.

We are launching two programs in Japan:-

MedTech Actuator Origin

MedTech Actuator Global Navigator

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MedTech Actuator Origin Japan is an early-stage innovation program that supports health innovation across Japan, Australia, and Asia-Pacific.

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MedTech Actuator Global Navigator Japan offers growth-stage founders and entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore the Asia-Pacific market for commercialisation of health innovation. 

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Watch the information session by MedTech Actuator introducing Origin and Global Navigator programs in Japan.

MedTech Actuator Origin Japan and MedTech Actuator Global Navigator are sponsored by JETRO and co-organized with JETRO, OCCI and OBDA.