Apr 04, 2022

MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellow 2022: Dr Greg Stewart

MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellow 2022: Dr Greg Stewart

MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellow Dr Greg Stewart is fusing research with entrepreneurship to deliver better medicines for psychiatric disease.

Developing New Therapeutics For Schizophrenia 

Dr Greg Stewart is the Better Medicines program manager and Senior Research Fellow in the Neuromedicines Discovery Centre based at Monash University’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science.

Working between academia and the pharmaceutical industry, Greg drives programs that deliver better medicines for the treatment of psychiatric disease.

Dr Greg Stewart

Greg notes that current medicines to treat psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia are far from ideal.

“My drive is to create new medicines for psychiatric diseases to improve the quality of life of those affected.”

Greg explains that schizophrenia is one such disease that has no effective treatment options. 

“I believe my project can create a therapeutic for schizophrenia with vastly improved efficacy and greatly reduced side effect profile – thereby improving patient outcomes,” says Greg. 

Research x Entrepreneurship With The MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship

Greg became a MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellow to connect with industry leaders in Australia and the region, and to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the Australian BioTech industry.

“The MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship forms a critical component in the transition I wish to make to an industry-oriented position and Australian BioTech.”

As a MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellow, Greg is building expertise in entrepreneurship, commercialisation, and the startup ecosystem. 

This support will help to unlock the potential in his research and embed improved therapeutics for psychiatric disease in clinical practice.

Through the Fellowship, Greg receives mentorship from industry experts, a $20K stipend, networking opportunities and invitations to exclusive events.

Our Network Becomes Greg’s Network For Life

The MedTech Actuator’s network becomes Greg’s network – not just throughout the program, but for life. He joins our community of:

  • MedTech Actuator’s extensive ecosystem of partners spanning hospitals, product development firms, multinational corporations, and investors
  • The brightest MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech founders across Asia Pacific in the MedTech Actuator Accelerator
  • MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholars and Fellows
  • MedTech Actuator Origin entrepreneurs – Asia Pacific’s next wave of innovators

Are you a future MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellow?

If you’re a senior researcher in human health, the prestigious MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship can help you to transform your research impact.

Dr Greg Stewart

Get ready to fuse your research and science expertise with entrepreneurship – applications for the MedTech Actuator Menzies Fellowship 2023 open in the coming months.

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