Nov 11, 2021

MedTech Actuator Origin Semi-Finalists Announced

MedTech Actuator Origin Semi-Finalists Announced

Twenty impressive teams recently battled it out at the MedTech Actuator Origin Rapid Fire Rounds, pitching their ideas to improve and save lives through health innovation. Ten teams took out top place and are now progressing to the Semi-Finals.

The ten emerging stars will experience industry-led mentoring and education, turbocharging their ideas and taking them closer to making their entrepreneurship ambitions a reality.

Contestants include clinicians, researchers, and students who are working on MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech innovations that patients need and clinicians want. They’re pioneering in diverse fields spanning respiratory disease, heart disease, sleep, mental health, epilepsy, brain tumours, stroke, lumbar punctures, glaucoma and more.

What’s at stake?

The teams will join MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholars next week for a three-day intensive sprint exploring the Australian healthcare ecosystem and how to take their startup to market.

Industry mentors, MedTech Actuator alumni and ecosystem leaders will share their knowledge and insights with the teams, pressure test their projects and guide them in refining their business models.

The experience will culminate in the MedTech Actuator Origin Semi-Finals next Wednesday evening where teams will compete for a place in the MedTech Actuator Showcase. At the Showcase teams will have the chance to win $15K prize money, fast-tracked application to MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech accelerator – and in-kind support valued at $5K.

Welcome To Our Semi-Finals Contestants

We are excited to announce the ten teams participating in the MedTech Actuator Origin intensive sprint and Semi-Finals. We wish each of these rising stars all the very best in their pitch and beyond in their endeavours to improve and save lives.

  • Anura (CAHM) | Jessica Anderson, William Symington, Elamathi Arivukkan Venugopal, Phoebe Lewis, Rebecca McCormick | Anura is developing CAHM, a wearable device that monitors lung function during daily activities to facilitate early treatment for respiratory disease flare-ups, preventing severe illness and hospitalisation.
  • Cardiopin | Farhad Goodarzy, David Kaye, Andi Partovi | Cardiopin is developing a novel, in-home monitoring system for congestive heart failure, using easy-to-access biomarkers like voice recordings and weight measurements.
  • Circadian Health Innovations (The Melanopic Eye) | Rowan Page, Elliott Wilson, Andrew Phillips | Circadian Health Innovations are developing the Melanopic Eye, a light sensing wearable that guides people to healthy light for better sleep, mental health, and general wellbeing.
  • Nuroflux | David Almeida Cardoso, Sam van Bohemen | Nuroflux is a wearable, continuous brain-monitoring device for stroke patient management.
  • SimpleSense EEG | Sebastian Corlette | SimpleSense EEG is making high-quality electroencephalogram possible for any patient, at any time.
  • SoundMind | Pete Field | SoundMind is focused on improving your sleep performance so you can reach your greatest human potential.
  • Spira Health (Aeolus) | Joseph Po, Tony Pang, Jason Jin, Jake Harris | Spira Health is developing Aeolus, a device that trains the muscles of the throat and is designed to empower people with obstructive sleep apnoea to proactively improve their sleep, allowing them to make the most out of their day.
  • Think Global Project | Anushi Rajapaksa, James Friend | Think Global Project has developed a novel acoustic nebuliser for rapid lung delivery of life-saving biomolecules against infectious respiratory diseases in children.
  • Vause Medical (LumVi) | Trinh (Mara) Quach, Shelby Marie Holland, Alexandra Wigley, Amanda Druk, Michelle Callow | Vause Medical is developing LumVi, a medical guidance system that helps clinicians choose the correct puncture point during a lumbar puncture.
  • Vysum | Lorace (Tianshu) Zhang, Darren Tan, David Lin, Isaac Ho, Aryan Motevali | Vysum aims to develop a handheld device to make eye drop administration more convenient for glaucoma patients, improving treatment compliance and preventing blindness.

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