Aug 02, 2021

Meet Gobind – Project Officer

Meet Gobind – Project Officer

Last year the MedTech ActuatorTM opened a second office – in Singapore. As part of our expansion through Asia Pacific, Project Officer Gobind Singh is supporting the work of Singapore-based founders to improve and save lives with health innovation.

As Project Officer Gobind helps to surround startups with the ecosystem support they need to bring their MedTech, HealthTech or BioTech innovation to the patients and clinicians who need it most.

With a focus on program delivery of the MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech accelerator – Gobind connects startups with intensive mentorship, industry collaboration and capital raising support to help achieve in 15 months what can typically take 3 years or more.

“My role is where the MedTech Actuator’s rubber hits the road,” says Gobind. “I handle logistics, operations, communications, bookings and planning the program.”

Once the program begins, Gobind is the first point of contact for startups in Singapore. “I consult on their pitching, decks, IMs, strategy, and anything else they throw at me.”

Before joining the MedTech Actuator, Gobind was a fellow at the RMIT Health Transformation Lab where he broke down complex problems, generated new insights, and fostered new communities to help address the thorniest questions of health system reform, transformation, technology, and value.

In his role with the MedTech Actuator, Gobind is inspired by the success that startups can experience as a result of the program – and the human impact that having the right support can lead to.

“Watching startups succeed after taking feedback on board really inspires me,” says Gobind. “It makes me feel like I have contributed to the growth or commercialisation of the startups, which will in turn save human lives or make their recovery faster.”

Gobind has observed a common challenge experienced by MedTech startups in the process of commercialisation, with founders losing sight of the initial reasons that they began their trek down the entrepreneurial path.

“It is important to clarify, renew or even rework those initial aspirations as it will make the journey less bumpy – and the MedTech Actuator can help,” says Gobind.

“I am incredibly excited about the MedTech Actuator program’s growth to become the go-to MedTech accelerator in Asia Pacific.”

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