Apr 17, 2023

Meet Gwendolin- Head of International Programs

Meet Gwendolin- Head of International Programs

Meet Gwendolin Mah, the Head of International Programs at MedTech Actuator. Gwendolin is responsible for designing and delivering the Global Navigator program that helps growth-stage startups explore pathways to bring their innovations to the Asia-Pacific region. Her role involves facilitating market knowledge building, mentoring, and introducing startups to the startup ecosystems in the region, primarily in Japan, Singapore and Australia.

What drives and inspires Gwendolin in her role is her ability to make a significant contribution to the journey of healthcare entrepreneurs and their innovative endeavours, even if it’s in a small yet crucial capacity.

At MedTech Actuator, we are very fortunate to come across many life-changing technologies. It is such a privilege to be involved by helping to bring these healthcare innovations out of their home shores,” says Gwen.

Gwendolin is excited about the future of MedTech Actuator and its programs. She is eager to see the program expand and extend to different parts of the world. As the Head of International Programs, Gwen is responsible for working with startups from different parts of the globe and helping them explore the MedTech ecosystem through programs like Global Navigator Japan, Global Navigator Australia and Desafía Singapore.

Prior to joining MedTech Actuator, Gwendolin had seven years of experience teaching ballet to young children and over a decade of experience in the media industry, including directing and producing videos, dramas, documentaries, and TV commercials for major brands such as McDonald’s, Samsung, and the SEA Games, bringing with her a wealth of diverse experience. 

Gwendolin transitioned into her role very smoothly and her years of managing 10 different departments and stakeholders in a time-sensitive environment, as well as her constant need to understand different industries and products, gave her the skills she needed for this role.

We are thrilled to have Gwen on our team and look forward to seeing the impact she will make on the MedTech industry in Asia-Pacific.

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