Apr 14, 2022 Singapore

Meet Simran – Marketing Coordinator

Meet Simran – Marketing Coordinator

Every team needs strong marketing and communication professionals to drive brand awareness, and coordinate promotional activities. As Marketing Coordinator, Simran Jain will be doing just that – bringing a unique background in marketing and biotechnology to the team at MedTech Actuator.

Simran will be managing all the marketing activities for MedTech Actuator. From content design to social media and supporting brand development, Simran will ensure that the MedTech Actuator programs reach the healthcare and startup ecosystems. On a day-to-day basis, Simran will oversee communication channels, in order to keep the community updated on MedTech Actuator Accelerator, Origin, Menzies Scholarship and Fellowship and the latest innovations and happenings.

“The core of a Marketing Coordinator’s purpose is to create value for the MedTech, HealthTech, and Biotech ecosystem. It is about communicating the opportunities to those who are driving innovation in medicine, such as startup founders, researchers, and clinicians. In doing so, I can have an impact to improve outcomes for patients and individuals who may be suffering.”

Simran holds a Master of management (marketing), with honours, from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Science (integrated) Biotechnology from VIT University, India. Before moving to Melbourne and working at social impact-focused startups, such as Far More and The Creative Co-Operative,  Simran carried out research in international labs in analytical chemistry through Mitacs Globalink Scholarship at MacEwan University, Canada, and in nanobiotechnology at the Indian Institute of Science, India. 

In addition to Simran’s marketing skillset, her background in biotechnology and applied science will enable her to connect deeply with the founders and medical technologies changing the future of healthcare in Australia and across Asia-Pacific. This dual-lens broadens Simran’s impact at MedTech Actuator beyond marketing, enabling her to identify innovation trends, and contribute to Medtech Actuator’s work with startups. 

“I am excited about the innovations emerging in MedTech and keen to see how they will revolutionise current approaches to well-being and care. I am delighted to be a part of this ecosystem and be able to contribute to the startups creating a difference.”

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This piece was written by Makenzie Thomas, Program and Community Coordinator – MedTech Actuator.