Nov 10, 2023

Meet the MedTech Actuator Origin 2023 Cohort

Meet the MedTech Actuator Origin 2023 Cohort

Meet the 20 impressive teams from across Australia selected for the MedTech Actuator Origin 2023.

Over three days in Melbourne, emerging founders will dive into workshops and industry-led mentoring to help them turbocharge projects and build a strategy to get their ideas to market. During the sprint, teams will be introduced to topics such as idea validation, intellectual property, pitching, pathways to market, business models, navigating Australia’s healthcare ecosystem, and funding for early-stage ventures. The Origin cohort will be joined by the 2023 MedTech Actuator Menzies Scholars.

Ten projects from Australia will be selected to pitch at the Origin Semi-final, along with four semi-finalist teams from Japan, to secure their place in the Origin Final at the MedTech Actuator Showcase on 30 November.

The Origin 2023 participants include clinicians, researchers, and students working on MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech innovations that will improve the lives of patients and impact clinicians’ workflows. These solutions span key areas in human health, including mental health and wellness, chronic disease management, cancer treatments and care, paediatrics, diagnostic imaging and data management in hospital settings, allied health and rehabilitation, and more.

Welcome our Origin 2023 Participants

We are excited to announce the 20 teams participating in the MedTech Actuator Origin intensive sprint and competing in the Rapid Fire Round.

  • IntelliChair | IntelliChair is an assistive and smart control for semi-autonomous wheelchairs that combines joystick & HGR & camera based obstacle detection.
  • BeTuned | BeTuned is developing a gaming-based digital therapeutic for mental health.
  • Biochrome | Biochrome is developing a portable point-of-care device for malaria detection, identification, and quantification.
  • BlissFlow | Blissflow is developing a non-invasive smart device to manage severe urinary incontinence in adults.
  • Carina Medical | Carina Medical is creating a device to facilitate cardiovascular disease screening in remote areas to Close The Gap.
  • ELLIS Medical | ELLIS Medical is developing a sensor probe to detect respiratory complications early in ventilated ICU patients.
  • Endometronics | Endometronics is developing a new non-invasive molecular diagnostic kit for endometriosis.
  • Chyral | Chyral is developing a novel, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device that uses infrared light.
  • Lenia.ai | Lenia.ai harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline the medical coding process.
  • LymMA | LymMAP is a high-definition composition mapping system for better chronic disease management.
  • ProSeek Bio | ProSeek Bio, a next-generation ovarian cancer screening blood test, to advance next-gen diagnostics for ovarian cancer blood testing.
  • ReArm | ReArm is developing a wholistic solution to help neurological patients regain independence with better rehabilitation.
  • VentiWatch/Abtulus | VentiWatch is developing a resuscitation management device to prevent loss of life due to improper resuscitative ventilations.
  • Iris Medical | Iris Medical is transforming the intrauterine (IUD) insertion procedure using hand-hand ultrasound technology.
  • Scar No More | Scar No more is an at-home therapeutic bandage to treat keloid scars.
  • Scriblet | Scriblet is an automated admin assistant, sitting in on consultations and producing progress notes.
  • Senoptix | Senoptix is a medical diagnostic device for effective treatment monitoring of patients with ovarian cancer.
  • SmartPoly | SmartPoly aims to develop a synthetic solution for treatment of large-scale bone defects.
  • Sugar Nappy | Sugar Nappy will develop sensors that can be integrated into nappies to monitor the health of babies.
  • ThermAI | ThermAI is designing next generation AI-powered miniature hyperspectral cameras for health diagnostics.
  • Hover | Hover aims to cater a safer human experience in the digital era and beyond.
  • Lindo Tube | Lindo Tube is an antimicrobial Blue Light (aBL) ventilator tube.

What happens next?

The experience culminates in the MedTech Actuator Origin Semi-Finals on 24th November where teams will compete for a place in the MedTech Actuator Showcase. At the Showcase, teams will have the chance to win a share of the $15k prize pool, over $5k worth of in-kind support and gain access to fast-tracked entry into MedTech Actuator Accelerator 2024.

Register to attend the Semi-final event. Admission is free!

MedTech Actuator Origin is supported by the REDI initiative, powered by MTPConnect, funded by the MRFF and LaunchVic.

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