Sep 16, 2021

Our village is raising MedTech’s next wave of innovators.

Our village is raising MedTech’s next wave of innovators.

Thank you to health innovation experts from across Asia Pacific and the US who recently shared their industry insights and knowledge through MedTech Actuator sprints with the region’s best emerging health entrepreneurs.

As Asia Pacific’s MedTech catalyst, MedTech Actuator is a 15-month, industry-led, venture-backed program that aggressively funds and accelerates medical, health and biological technology startups. Our latest MedTech Actuator cohort is driving innovation for patients and clinicians who need it most, in diverse fields spanning IVF, prosthetics, rehabilitation and more.

The sprints: relentless execution towards market success.

Through our recent MedTech Actuator sprints, founders developed expertise in business models, pitching, customer validation, IP, regulations, reimbursement, clinical trials in Australia, Singapore, the US, and the EU.

This expertise will be crucial to their success in determining a pathway to market, including how long it will take to secure their first paying customer.

With these important foundations in place MedTech Actuator startups are now working to address critical risk areas, before ramping up commercialisation activities.

Our village, helping to take founders there.

It takes a village to raise a startup and health innovation is no exception. These latest MedTech Actuator sprints would not have been possible without the support of our village.

Our sincere thanks to all the people and companies that have contributed to our latest cohort so far:

  • Alex Newton – NAVI
  • Tony Sinclair – Impactor
  • Gemma and Lucas Testro – SONDO
  • Matt Godden – Australian Healthcare Solutions
  • Nairy Baghdikian – Cogentum
  • Penelope Lane – SCALE
  • Michelle Gallaher – Opyl
  • Stefaan Van Der Meulen – Syntactx
  • Nick Opie – Synchron
  • Jean-Nicolas Boudaud – Brandwood
  • Marco Kalms – Kalms Consulting
  • Tom Hughes – LabCorp
  • Lee Phin Peng, Hee Choon – Singapore Biodesign
  • Amrish Nair – Biorithm
  • Jason Lim, Yang Jie Tan – Stendard
  • Lawrence Ho and Rina Lim – NUHS
  • Cher Hwa Teo, Ee Lim, Michael Ho – NHIC Singapore
  • Tan Cher Heng – NHG

Our village spans far and wide across the globe. We also extend our sincere thanks to MedTech Actuator partners for their generous contribution.

  • Jarred Roache – Roache Design
  • Matthew Gould, Leah Han, Dr Anna Bellamy-McIntyre, Matt Cary, Joseph Barker – EY
  • Rachel Hooke, Eddie Walker – FB Rice
  • Jonathan Kelp, Simone Mitchell & Kristi Geddes – Minter Ellison
  • Natalie Lawandi, Rashmi Joglekar – MedTronic
  • Dr Megan Robertson – St Vincent’s
  • Chris Rupp, Stefaan van der Meulen – NAMSA
  • Frank Jaskulke – Medical Alley
  • Anh Bourcet – J&J Singapore
  • Johanes Candra, Sherilyn Chan – EY Singapore
  • Delon Toh – ESG

We are grateful for everyone’s time, drive, energy, and enthusiasm – we could not do this without you and are excited to support the continued growth of our founders.

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