Immersion and connection for Spanish healthtech startups into the Asia-Pacific region

with MedTech Actuator Desafía Singapore & Australia 2024 Extension Program

The MedTech Actuator Desafia Singapore & Australia Extension Program provides Spanish healthtech startups with a smooth and accelerated pathway to access critical stakeholders, gain market knowledge, and expand efforts to capture new market opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).


Uncover new growth opportunities in APAC markets.

Learn about market entry into Singapore and the APAC region. 

Connected with leading industry experts, VCs, and the region’s best healthcare entrepreneurs. 

Validate technology and business model in Singapore & Australia’s healthcare ecosystem and commercial landscape.


Participants embark on a hybrid program consisting of virtual learning and strategy sessions, and an in-person immersion that includes group visits and individual B2B meetings with leading global healthcare companies, providers, investors, government stakeholders.


The Asia Pacific region is the world’s fastest-growing healthcare market. With a combination of high-value mature markets and fast-growing developing markets, there are significant opportunities for commercial success and healthcare impact.  


Singapore is the gateway to Asia, offering a geographic base for expansion, a business and innovation-friendly environment, a concentration of major global corporations, and a well-connected healthtech ecosystem.


Australia has the 10th highest per capita healthcare expenditure in the world, with first-class hospitals, research facilities, and clinical trials, significant R&D savings and incentives, and an innovative and business-friendly ecosystem.




1:1 strategy sessions

Pitch coaching

Virtual Immersion: Market entry and cultural education

Singapore Immersion: Health System | Corporates | Investors

Australia Immersion: Health System | Corporates | Investors

Facilitated custom B2B introductions

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MedTech Actuator Accelerator Welcomes the 8th Cohort

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to teams of  MedTech Actuator™ Accelerator 2023. Over the next 12-months, startups will be provided intensive support to help them develop the skills, networks, and resources needed to successfully navigate the complex health commercialisation pathway.

Meet Oliver Morton-Evans: Co-founder of Neuromersiv, Revolutionizing Rehabilitation Therapy with VR

Oliver Morton-Evans, Chief Operating Officer at Neuromersiv was inspired to start a MedTech startup by combining his background in producing immersive Virtual Reality experiences and his lived experience with a lifelong disability. He has been motivated by the possibility of improving functional mobility outcomes for people with disability and empowering them through immersive Virtual Reality (VR) based rehabilitation therapy. 

Gravida Health: Transforming Pregnancy Care through Clinical Innovation

Pregnancy can be an exciting yet daunting time for many women. Unfortunately, the experience can be made even more difficult when labour needs to be induced. MedTech Actuator startup, Gravida Health recognised this issue and set out to create a world-first medical innovation to improve labour induction procedures and provide a more positive experience for women.

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