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MedTech Actuator Origin Japan is an early-stage innovation program that supports emerging entrepreneurs in health across Japan, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

MedTech Actuator Origin Japanは、日本、オーストラリア、アジア太平洋地域の医療・ヘルスケア分野におけるイノベーションを支援するアーリーステージに特化したプログラムです。

MedTech Actuator Origin Japan offers emerging founders and entrepreneurs the opportunity to pressure test their  health innovation startup or idea. 

MedTech Actuator Origin Japanは、創業したばかりの方や起業家に、アジア太平洋地域においてヘルス・イノベーションの事業化を探求する機会を提供します。

From Origin Japan, teams will receive an overview of the commercialisation pathway for health innovation and greater understanding of the crucial next steps and how to take their ventures to market, increasing their chances of getting into the MedTech Actuator Accelerator 2024 – an industry-led 12-month accelerator program offering up to AUD$200k in funding.

Origin Japanへ参加することで、ヘルス・イノベーションの事業化への概要を学び、次の重要なステップと方法について理解を深め、業界主導の12ヶ月のアクセラレーター・プログラムであるMedTech Actuator Accelerator 2024(最高20万豪ドルの資金を提供)に参加する機会を得ることができます。

MedTech Actuator Origin Japan is sponsored by JETRO and co-organized with JETRO, OCCI, U-FINO, Osaka Innovation Hub (OBDA) and Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium.

MedTech Actuator Origin Japanは日本貿易振興機構(ジェトロ)からの委託、また、ジェトロ、大阪商工会議所、一社)うめきた未来イノベーション機構、大阪イノベーションハブ(公益財団法人大阪産業局)、大阪スタートアップ・エコシステムコンソーシアムが共催して実施します。


The program will consist of three parts:


First, over two days in Osaka,~20 Japanese MedTech, BioTech and HealthTech entrepreneurs will join MedTech Actuator, JETRO, OCCI, OBDA and industry experts to learn how to transform their ideas into an early-stage startup. 


Next, 3 qualifying teams from Japan will join MedTech Actuator in Melbourne for an intensive sprint, where, over three days, they’ll learn from industry experts, pressure test their innovations, and network with and pitch to Australia’s startup ecosystem. 


Finally, one Japanese startup will be selected to pitch at the MedTech Actuator Showcase –  an industry event, attended by over 300 experts in BioMed innovation, on November 30. At this event, startups will compete for a chance to win one of the cash prizes and in-kind support to accelerate the commercialisation of the idea.

最後に、11月30日に開催されるMedTech Actuator Showcase(バイオメディカル・イノベーションの専門家300人以上が参加する業界イベント)でピッチする日本のスタートアップ1社が選ばれます。このイベントで、スタートアップは賞金とアイデアの事業化を加速するための実際的なサポートを獲得するチャンスを巡って競い合います。

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Program Experience

Learn 学び

from industry experts, founders, and MedTech Actuator

Validate 検証

pressure test and transform your project into an early-stage startup

Network ネットワーク

connect with a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs

Expose 見せる

your team to the MedTech, BioTech and HealthTech startup ecosystem in Osaka, Japan, and Melbourne, Australia

Pitch ピッチ

your project, idea or innovation to the ecosystem

Turbocharge 加速

transform from idea into early-stage venture

Program Activities プログラム内容

Bootcamp (Osaka) ブートキャンプ(大阪)

Two days of workshops and industry opportunities.

Intensive sprint (Melbourne) インテンシブ スプリント(メルボルン)

Three days of learning, networking, and exploring Melbourne’s innovation ecosystem.

Rapid fire round, semifinal, and final (Melbourne) ピッチ予選

Pitching rounds to secure a place at the Origin Final at the MedTech Actuator Showcase in December.
12月に開催されるMedTech Actuator ShowcaseのOrigin Finalへの出場権を獲得するためのピッチラウンド。

2023 Program Dates 2023 年 プログラム日程

Applications open – Aug 4 – Sep 15
Participants selected – October 1
Intensive sprint (Japan) – October 16-17
Origin Intensive & Semifinal (Melbourne) – November 22 - 24
International Immersion (Melbourne) - November 27-30
MedTech Actuator Showcase Gala and Origin Global Final (Melbourne) - November 30

参加者決定 - 10月1日
Intensive sprint(日本・大阪) - 10月16-17日

Origin Intensive & Semifinal (メルボルン) - 11月22日~24日
International Immersion (メルボルン) - 11月27日~30日
MedTech Actuator Showcase Gala &Origin Global ファイナル(メルボルン) - 11月30日

Origin Japan is an in-person program, based in Osaka and Melbourne. Qualifying teams should be prepared to visit Osaka and Melbourne for the intensive sprint and finals listed above. Travel to and from Australia is covered for selected participants in this program.

Origin Japanは、大阪とメルボルンで実施する対面式プログラムである。書類審査を通過したチームは、上記の集中講義とピッチの決勝のために大阪とメルボルンを訪れる準備をしておく必要がある。大阪での選抜者には、オーストラリアまでの往復旅費が支給される。

*Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, this may be cancelled or implemented online


Program Eligibility プログラム参加資格

Applicants to the MedTech Actuator Origin program must:
- Have a research project, idea or innovation in human health;
- Be highly motivated to learn about innovation commercialisation, and Australia’s health startup ecosystem;
- Be able to attend all program activities scheduled on the key dates listed above; and,
- Be an early-stage startup based in Japan with at least one Japanese team member.

MedTech Actuator Originプログラムへの応募者の必須条件:
ー イノベーションの商業化、オーストラリアのヘルス・スタートアップ・エコシステムについて学ぶ意欲の高いこと;
ー 上記の主要日程に予定されているすべてのプログラム活動に参加できること
ー 日本に拠点を置くアーリーステージのスタートアップで、少なくとも1名の日本人チームメンバーがいること。

At the MedTech Actuator, we’re for innovators. This means creating opportunities for innovators from all corners of the system, and from multiple backgrounds and contexts. MedTech Actuator encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply. Please contact the team if you have any questions about your eligibility.

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We are incredibly excited to introduce you to teams of  MedTech Actuator™ Accelerator 2023. Over the next 12-months, startups will be provided intensive support to help them develop the skills, networks, and resources needed to successfully navigate the complex health commercialisation pathway.

Meet Oliver Morton-Evans: Co-founder of Neuromersiv, Revolutionizing Rehabilitation Therapy with VR

Oliver Morton-Evans, Chief Operating Officer at Neuromersiv was inspired to start a MedTech startup by combining his background in producing immersive Virtual Reality experiences and his lived experience with a lifelong disability. He has been motivated by the possibility of improving functional mobility outcomes for people with disability and empowering them through immersive Virtual Reality (VR) based rehabilitation therapy. 

Gravida Health: Transforming Pregnancy Care through Clinical Innovation

Pregnancy can be an exciting yet daunting time for many women. Unfortunately, the experience can be made even more difficult when labour needs to be induced. MedTech Actuator startup, Gravida Health recognised this issue and set out to create a world-first medical innovation to improve labour induction procedures and provide a more positive experience for women.

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