Feb 23, 2023

SoundEye: Enhancing Healthcare Safety with Sound Recognition and LiDAR Technology

SoundEye: Enhancing Healthcare Safety with Sound Recognition and LiDAR Technology

SoundEye is a MedTech startup that aims to provide safety monitoring and peace of mind for the community by utilizing cutting-edge sound recognition and LiDAR technology. The inspiration behind SoundEye comes from the personal experience of Dr Tan Yeow Kee, CEO, SoundEye, whose mother-in-law fell in the hospital and took more than 30 minutes for the nurse to attend to her. Inspired by this incident, SoundEye has collaborated with hospitals and nursing homes to develop LASSO, a device capable of detecting falls and abnormal sounds such as screaming and preventing falls by detecting bed-exit.

One of the biggest challenges faced by SoundEye during the initial development of LASSO was the lack of public datasets available to train the algorithm. However, SoundEye overcame this challenge by collecting real-world data and partnering with hospitals and nursing homes to co-develop LASSO. Despite the added challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, SoundEye’s focus on technology that benefits the community garnered trust and success, leading to partnerships for LASSO’s development.

SoundEye’s LASSO device integrates seamlessly with existing healthcare systems and offers numerous benefits to both healthcare providers and patients. Singapore, like many other countries, faces healthcare staff shortages, and monitoring an entire COVID-19 community care facility can be a major challenge. LASSO is capable of monitoring washrooms and bed-wards around the clock, removing the need for time-consuming patrols. LASSO enhances safety monitoring by automatically triggering alerts, which can be verified within seconds by watching a short video clip on the mobile application. This not only saves time but also ensures that healthcare staff can attend to urgent matters promptly.

SoundEye’s LASSO device installed in the healthcare facility

In addition to providing safety monitoring in healthcare facilities, SoundEye is also exploring other potential applications of its technology. For instance, it could be used in homes to monitor elderly or disabled family members, providing peace of mind to caregivers who may not always be able to be present.

SoundEye’s experience with the MedTech Actuator Global Navigator Australia

SoundEye recently participated in the MedTech Actuator Global Navigator program, hoping to gain a better understanding of the Australian healthcare and aged-care market and devise a go-to-market strategy.

MedTech Actuator Global Navigator Australia is an intensive innovation program that facilitates a smooth and accelerated connection for growth stage health Startups from Singapore to access the Australian Market. Australia is one of Asia-Pacific’s fastest-growing startup ecosystems. In 2021, Australian BioTech/MedTech startups raised over A$500 million in capital – the 5th largest sector in Australia. 

The Global Navigator experience over the past year, helped SoundEye achieve several milestones, including signing NDAs with two Australian listed companies. The company is currently integrating its solutions with its partners’ back-end systems and working towards real-world deployment. This success is a direct result of the insights and connections gained through the MedTech Actuator Global Navigator program, which provided SoundEye with the opportunity to meet with influential companies and key industry figures.

The MedTech Actuator Global Navigator program provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with mentors and advisors who share a deep passion for utilizing technology to benefit communities. The connections established through this program proved to be extremely valuable, as the MedTech Actuator team’s extensive knowledge of the Australian market and their expansive network provided us with the resources and support necessary to drive our mission forward”, Dr Tan Yeow Kee, CEO, SoundEye.

Looking ahead, SoundEye’s future goals include market expansion to Australia and Japan in the healthcare, aged-care, and surveillance markets. The company plans to achieve this by building upon its success in Singapore and leveraging its partnerships and collaborations with key industry players. With its innovative technology and commitment to serving communities, SoundEye is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the medical technology space.

Dr Tan Yeow Kee, CEO, SoundEye presenting Lasso at the SWITCH Slingshot 2022 conference in Singapore.

The MedTech Actuator Global Navigator program has been instrumental in SoundEye’s success, providing the company with the tools, insights, and connections needed to achieve its goals. SoundEye highly recommends the program to other startups in the medical technology space looking to expand into new markets and make a meaningful impact in the industry.

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