ChezLeon designs & manufactures wearable inserts to manage fluid blockages, through passive massage. Our initial patented design, a Bra Insert for early intervention, relieving pain & swelling in the treatment & prevention of lymphoedema following Breast Cancer. The Insert fits discretely inside a Bra helping patients regain their freedom & quality of life.

Anto Medcare

We are building a product based on the combination of proprietary sensor-based smart pad and algorithm that can predict and prevent the pressure injury and falling risks for wheelchair users.


Coronary intravascular imaging to reduce hospital re-admission after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.


Nutromics is an award-winning Australian MedTech company that is developing a Continuous Molecular Monitoring (CMM) platform technology that is used in combination with aptamer-based wearable sensors. Our vision is to create a world with zero preventable deaths due to a lack of timely molecular-level patient data.

Vital Trace

VitalTrace is a Perth-based MedTech startup that is striving to become the next commercial success in the growing continuous monitoring biosensor space.  Through applying VitalTrace’s novel biosensor technology, significant improvements to fetal monitoring can be realised which will ultimately change the way babies are born. VitalTrace is currently developing a medical device to be used during labour to improve safety and health outcomes for mothers and babies.


Stelect is an award-winning company developing a novel imaging catheter, to improve the accuracy of stent sizing and placement in coronary stenting procedures. Stelect’s imaging sensors, act as a platform technology, with various use cases in the medical industry.

Ventora Medical

Ventora Medical is developing an airway pressure monitoring device to improve non-invasive respiratory support treatment for neonatal patients. The device will enable clinicians to be confident in the level of respiratory support they are providing, enable them to provide proactive and tailored treatment and help them to reduce the incidence and impact of respiratory distress.


Novel catheter tip design for reducing the 50% failure rate of peripheral intravenous cannulas.

Lenexa Medical

Lenexa Medical Pty Ltd (Lenexa) was established to translate an idea born from the Stanford inspired Biodesign innovation course run at the University of Melbourne in 2017 and has developed a solution to aid in the prevention of pressure injuries (PIs) or bed sores.

Navi Medical Technologies

Navi is a company focused on delivering innovations that help children live brighter, healthier futures. Since 2016, the Navi team has devoted countless hours to a singular task: to build and commercialise a medical device that enables doctors and nurses to deliver better care for newborns and children requiring central venous access in the Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Setting.