ChezLeon designs & manufactures wearable inserts to manage fluid blockages, through passive massage. Our initial patented design, a Bra Insert for early intervention, relieving pain & swelling in the treatment & prevention of lymphoedema following Breast Cancer. The Insert fits discretely inside a Bra helping patients regain their freedom & quality of life.

Anto Medcare

We are building a product based on the combination of proprietary sensor-based smart pad and algorithm that can predict and prevent the pressure injury and falling risks for wheelchair users.

ONWARD Health Research

We are a Singapore-based clinical research technology and services company aimed at improving participant and healthcare provider access to clinical research while lowering costs via ONWARDAccess, our proprietary cloud-based clinical research platform.


Soterius is an Australian startup that is developing solutions for respiratory diseases. We have developed a wearable sensor capable of detecting COVID19 in the environment with high degrees of accuracy and sensitivity. This sensor provides information via a mobile phone application on if users have been exposed to the virus as they go about their daily activities.

Data Dissect

Enabling simple and cost-effective collection, analysis, and interpretation of clinical data.


Comprehensive virtual care platform to complement how people access and experience healthcare around the world.

Pronto Bottle

The world’s first self-sanitising baby bottle allowing parents to travel faster and lighter with a bottle fed baby.


Coronary intravascular imaging to reduce hospital re-admission after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.


Neuromersiv empowers stroke, spinal cord and acquired brain injury survivors by helping them regain this lost independence and quality of life. This is achieved by enhancing rehabilitation to maximise engagement and compliance. By utilising multiple sensory inputs, Neuromersiv’s “Ulysses” VR-based upper limb therapy system has the potential to promote faster recovery.


A next generation baby monitor provides new parents peace of mind whilst monitoring and recording baby’s sleeping patterns, breathing, feeding, development, skin and core temperature. Our algorithms develop a picture of a baby’s habits and is able to provide personalised insights, when required, via an intuitive app. This helps to reduce the stress and anxiety new parents feel.