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MedTech Device


ChezLeon designs & manufactures wearable inserts to manage fluid blockages, through passive massage. Our initial patented de

MedTech Device

Anto Medcare
Anto Medcare

We are building a product based on the combination of proprietary sensor-based smart pad and algorithm that can predict and preven

Digital Health

ONWARD Health Research
ONWARD Health Research

We are a Singapore-based clinical research technology and services company aimed at improving participant and healthcare provide



Soterius is an Australian startup that is developing solutions for respiratory diseases. We have developed a wearable sensor cap

Digital Health

Data Dissect
Data Dissect 2019

Enabling simple and cost-effective collection, analysis, and interpretation of clinical data.

Digital Health

Connect2MyDoctor 2019

Comprehensive virtual care platform to complement how people access and experience healthcare around the world.


Pronto Bottle
Pronto Bottle 2019

The world's first self-sanitising baby bottle allowing parents to travel faster and lighter with a bottle fed baby.

MedTech Device

Nirtek 2019

Coronary intravascular imaging to reduce hospital re-admission after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.

Digital Health

Neuromersiv 2019

Neuromersiv empowers stroke, spinal cord and acquired brain injury survivors by helping them regain this lost independence and q


Goldilocks 2019

A next generation baby monitor provides new parents peace of mind whilst monitoring and recording baby's sleeping patterns, breath

Digital Health

pasSprt 2019

Assess, record and communicate an athlete injury - all instantly, all on the sidelines.


Tech Gym 2019

Smart, cost-effective, portable robotic upper limb therapy.

Pain Management

Needle Calm 2019

Class 1 needle anxiety and pain relief device designed by clinical nursing specialists.


NanoMslide 2019

Instant on-chip diagnosis for early-stage breast cancer.


RehabSwift 2019

Restorative brain-computer interface for stroke patients.

MedTech Device

Nutromics 2018

Nutromics is an award-winning Australian MedTech company that is developing a Continuous Molecular Monitoring (CMM) platform te


Augmented Bionics 2018

A non-surgical alternative to cochlear implants.

MedTech Device

Vital Trace
Vital Trace 2018

VitalTrace is a Perth-based MedTech startup that is striving to become the next commercial success in the growing continuous monit


Curatek 2018

Wireless disposable sensor patch enabling continuous respiratory rate monitoring in post-surgical ward.

MedTech Device

Stelect 2018

Stelect is an award-winning company developing a novel imaging catheter, to improve the accuracy of stent sizing and placement i


Philia Labs
Philia Labs 2019

We are a digital health startup that is developing a solution comprising sensors, machine learning and AI-driven software platfor


Soterius 2019

Reinventing personal protective equipment for emerging infections.


Walk to Beat 2019

Smart walking stick helping Parkinson's sufferers overcome freezing and gait problems.

MedTech Device

Ventora Medical
Ventora Medical 2019

Ventora Medical is developing an airway pressure monitoring device to improve non-invasive respiratory support treatment for neo


Radetec Diagnostics
Radetec Diagnostics 2019

Radetec Diagnostic is a Melbourne-based bio-nanotechnology company specialized in the production, application and commercializat

MedTech Device

Flomatrix 2018

Novel catheter tip design for reducing the 50% failure rate of peripheral intravenous cannulas.


Somatrack 2019

Handheld body composition scanner.

MedTech Device

Lenexa Medical
Lenexa Medical 2018

Lenexa Medical Pty Ltd (Lenexa) was established to translate an idea born from the Stanford inspired Biodesign innovation course r

MedTech Device

Navi Medical Technologies
Navi Medical Technologies 2018

Navi is a company focused on delivering innovations that help children live brighter, healthier futures. Since 2016, the Navi tea

MedTech Device

Tournicare 2018

Tournicare develops a next-generation, user-friendly blood pressure (BP) management system that empowers health care professional

MedTech Device

Jay-Nik 2018

Drop & Lock™ syringe to improve labelling and traceability for medication ampoules and vials.