Meet George, our new General Manager for Singapore. 

MedTech Actuator welcomes our new General Manager (Singapore), George Han to the team. George will help drive the strategic growth and leadership of programs, and the ecosystem across Singapore and the region. 

With his studies from the National University of Singapore, and an MBA from the University of Hull, George is equipped with the skills and knowledge for leading a team and developing relationships with founders and startup talent, as well as the ability to map out business strategies for the sustainability of startups. 

George began working within the startup ecosystem in 2011 when he was selected to head the Sandbox function at Singapore University, building out the incubator operations from an infancy stage. Over the next six years, George worked with over 500 founders in developing their ideas into investable propositions. 

Through his time at two key universities in Singapore, George discovered his passion and skill set for entrepreneurship and learned that his experience could be incredibly valuable for startups in their venture creation journey. George worked across many projects that allowed him to further develop his knowledge of startup incubation. A highlight for George was working with founders of FinTech and EduTech, which allowed him to understand the importance of leveraging technology to empower businesses in their value proposition. 

At the National University of Singapore Industry Liaison Office, George worked with founders of DeepTech in renewable energy and artificial intelligence, where he learned the challenges of commercialisation of intellectual property, and the importance of equipping founders with a vast spectrum of skills and knowledge to build products and successful ventures. 

“As humanity has evolved, the problems faced are growing and complex – from developing solutions to a vast host of health issues to ensuring basic adequacy for a global population of 8 billion – the need for technology has never been more pronounced”.

As society is faced with the complexity of issues brought by population growth, George is motivated to work with founders who have a vision for improving the welfare and wellbeing of society and is excited to bring solutions by leveraging technology in the MedTech space.

“As a team, I am blessed with the opportunity to work with passionate and committed individuals who are experts in their fields”

George is excited by the opportunity to build a network of key stakeholders in Singapore and beyond, and further develop the opportunities for growth and expansion for startups. He is looking forward to supporting and guiding founders on their journey as they transform their ideas into sustainable business ventures. Understanding that learning is a lifelong process, George is excited to support founders to develop their skills and knowledge that will strengthen their value proposition for stakeholders.

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