Nov 26, 2020

Ventora Medical closes investment round during COVID19.

Ventora Medical closes investment round during COVID19.

MedTech Actuator startup Ventora Medical has successfully closed its angel investment round in the midst of the COVID19 global pandemic. The new investment will make it possible for Ventora Medical to advance their technology that helps premature babies to breathe.

Backed by the Walker Group and MedTech ActuatorTM partner Artesian, this latest capital raise has attracted coverage in The Australian Business Review, the Herald Sun and AusBiz StartUp Daily, and brings their total funding to date to $1.25M.

The new round will allow the team to deliver crucial work including a preclinical study in late 2020 with the Medical Device Partnering Program, a clinical pilot study in early 2021 and further development of an alpha prototype.

The breathing support that clinicians give to babies born prematurely plays a critical role in their survival, length of stay in neonatal intensive care and long-term health. Ventora Medical’s continuous airway pressure monitoring device will help clinicians to administer this vital breathing support with greater precision.

Non-invasive breathing support methods are designed to help babies breathe by keeping their lungs inflated. However, due to unaccounted for leaks in the system, there is no way of knowing the actual pressure being delivered to the lungs. Clinicians must therefore rely on clinical signs and symptoms when setting the pressure, which can often be delayed and confusing.

Ventora Medical’s device will make this process easier, improve the accuracy of breathing support, reduce the incidence and impact of further breathing complications, and save hospitals time and money by reducing the patient’s length of stay.

To learn more about Ventora Medical and follow their journey visit www.ventoramedical.com.